Security guards are responsible for providing a safe environment to people within a pre-defined area. People working at this position do not only provide safety to people but also to premises and objects. Security guards work in a number of settings; from schools to houses, they may work in any arena that needs their services.

People who want to work as security guards go through a lot of training. While weapon handling is not encouraged too much, they have to have some training in using weapons. Under normal circumstances, security guards take the services of alarms, motions sensors and other equipment to discover problems and report them.

Candidates applying for a job as security guards need to ensure that their resumes illustrate a perfect objective statement along with a list of skills they possess – as this is a skills based job. An employer’s first connection with a candidate is through the first line of a resume – which is, in fact, the objective statement. Here are a few effective examples of objectives for a security guard resume.

Security Guard Resume Objective Examples

● Passionate Security Guard seeking a position with Mercy Philadelphia Hospital utilizing expertise in patrolling, investigating and following-up on incidents. Track record of effective patrolling and controlling entrances and movement of people.

● Detail-oriented, quick individual looking for a position as a Security Guard at University of Minnesota. Bringing well honed skills in providing security services in an educational setting.

● A position as a Security Guard with NYU Langone Medical Center where a strong background in protecting life and property will be fully utilized.

● To work for City College as a Security Guard. Offers 3 years of law enforcement experience to provide a secure environment to the students and public.

● Vigilant Security Guard bringing strong skills in preventing theft and damage, policing buildings, controlling traffic and monitoring security cameras and alarm system. Eager to enforce the prospective company’s rules and regulations.


Like all other resume objectives, a security guard’s objectives need to be targeted, clear and concise as they tell the employer what kind of capabilities the candidate has. We reiterate the fact that most security guards’ resumes are skills based resumes and need to depict strong skills in providing services.