Security Officer Achievements for Resume

Updated on March 29, 2016

When you dedicate an entire section on your resume to the achievements that you have to your name, you are actually helping a prospective hiring authority decide in favor of hiring you. Nothing defines us more profoundly than our accomplishments and that is why we are constantly being told that we need to write them in our resume.

If you have ever been in a position where you have had to review resumes, you will know that a candidate who tells you that he has increased profits or decreased risk will interest you more than one who simply brags about his skills to do the job. Information about ones achievements is what makes for expedited decision making on the employer’s part.

So how would you mention your achievements in a resume? Simple. All you have to do is think in numbers. If you have increased customer base in your company, mention the percentage. If you have saved the company money, mention how much. However, there are many accomplishments which cannot be counted in numbers. For those, use of strong descriptive words is recommended. The verdict is that you should use numbers wherever you can and for instances where you cannot use them, make your language strong so that the impact is strong too!

For a security officer’s resume, the following list of achievements can be referred to:

Sample Achievements for Security Officer Resume

• Minimized crime in the community by 40% by introducing the concept of neighborhood watch
• Prevented a major robbery from taking place by recognizing the signs of irregularities in the behavior of “visitors” asking for directions to a house
• Introduced the laser technology for checking individuals entering the back during cash deposit procedures initiated from the state bank
• Secured a large university campus completely by installing guard dogs at each entrance along with dedicated security guards
• Installed complex surveillance equipment which sounded alerts every time unauthorized personnel came within 2 meters of the building
• Ascertained constantly smooth traffic flow in all school areas by implementing standard procedures for traffic movement during school hours
• Reported in time a discipline infraction, thereby eliminating chances of vandalism by outside forces
• Saved a teenager’s life by identifying substance abuse through his mannerisms and immediately transporting him to the hospital when he collapsed on the road
• Secured assigned community completely by implementing security measures including barbed wires and guard dogs, reducing crime rate from 10 a month to 0