How to Write a Cover Letter for Hospitality Jobs?

Updated on: October 21, 2021

Having a well-written Hospitality resume may not be enough; it is now time for the dreaded Hospitality cover letter that you must write to complement your resume.

But it doesn’t have to be dreaded. Depending on the requirements of the employer, you can come up with innovative ideas to make your cover letter truly work for you.

There are some industries that need much from you where cover letters are concerned.

The hospitality industry is one such place where one must make sure that one’s credentials are up to the mark.

A cover letter written for a position in the hospitality position needs to be very carefully charted out.

Information about one’s ability to provide exceptional customer services should be the core of your cover letter.

Tone of Hospitality Cover Letter

As you are applying for a position where customers are of the utmost importance, therefore, you need to ensure that the tone of your hospitality cover letter is customer service-oriented.

Be concise – but do write about previous similar experiences and accomplishments in the hospitality world.


Your cover letter should begin with information on how you came across the job opening and what motivated you to apply.

Researching the company and understanding its mission will give you a good idea about things you can write here. Do not go too much into detail here; the second paragraph will handle the details.

Main Body

In the second paragraph of your cover letter, let yourself go! Here you have the liberty to write about your previous clientele and how you managed to keep them happy.

Give references to a couple of instances where your hospitality skills came into play. Talk about your accomplishments; you could give figures of how you may have increased the customer base by a certain percentage owing to exceptional customer services which led to word-of-mouth marketing of the place you worked for.

You can also talk about your qualifications (a degree in hospitality or management) that led you to gain a previous position. Mention of your skills in hospitality will be of great advantage to you. Leadership skills, ability to build and retain connections, multitasking, and exceptional attention to detail are just some of the many skills that you can mention.

It is important to remember that employers want to see why you would fit in when they skim through cover letters. The trick is to give them what they want!


The last paragraph of your cover letter is simply a closing but it is important nonetheless.

Provide your contact information and let the reader know that you are proactive by telling him you will follow up!