Grocery Bagger Resume: 3 Samples & Skills

Updated: March 17, 2023

Grocery Baggers, or courtesy clerks, work in grocery stores, malls, or shopping complexes. They are an integral part of the customer service team in superstore settings and are responsible for wrapping and transporting goods and items purchased by customers.

Their major tasks include weighing goods, packing and sealing goods tightly, loading them on carts, and transporting the packed merchandise to the customer’s vehicle.

Getting the job of a Grocery Bagger is an excellent way of entering the retail field.

You will need a resume to apply for a grocery bagger job. Your resume must be written in a way that grabs the interest of the prospective employer.

Take a look at the following sample along with this grocery bagger cover letter to get help in crafting a winning job application set.

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Grocery Bagger Resume Sample 1

Houston, TX
(000) 320-9449
[Email Address]

Grocery Bagger / Courtesy Clerk

Offering superb customer service skills and physical stamina to provide exceptional service and maximize profit.

Detail-oriented and dexterous grocery bagger with 6+ years’ progressively responsible experience working in retail sales and customer service field. Ability to bag groceries according to defined procedures. Courteous and obliging attitude with a special focus on following instructions and working collaboratively. Bilingual: English/Spanish.


  • Proven ability to bag quickly while maintaining product integrity.
  • Well-versed in communicating effectively with coworkers and customers.
  • Particularly effective in reading, counting, and writing.
  • Proficient in operating all equipment necessary to perform the job.


Grocery Bagger
Shoprite Mall, Houston TX
Feb 2019 – Present

  • Load shopping carts with merchandise, and transport them up to the customers’ vehicles.
  • Place merchandise back in its proper place.
  • Clean the dirty checkout areas.
  • Pack the purchased items in shopping bags and fasten the bags tightly.
  • Perform customer service and housekeeping duties for the store.

Courtesy Clerk
ABC Grocery Store, Austin, TX
May 2014 – Feb 2019

  • Ensured goods were well organized on the shelves.
  • Restocked the sold goods with new stocks.
  • Arranged shelves when disturbed by the customers.
  • Filed purchase and sales orders, bills, and receipts.
  • Safeguarded important documents and transaction registers.
  • Assisted the housekeeping department by cleaning shelves, sweeping, and washing floors.
  • Helped customers pack goods and transported them up to their cars.

Diploma: ABC High School, Houston, TX


  • Friendly and fun
  • Customer service
  • Quality maintenance
  • Assets safeguarding
  • Supplies management
  • Bagging techniques

Bagger Resume Sample 2

John Smith
Barberton, OH
(000) 142-4554
[email protected]

Adaptable Hardworker | Problem Solver | Results Oriented
Poised to provide exceptional customer service in order to attain the best results.


  • Hardworking grocery bagger and courtesy clerk with 5+ years of experience working in large retail settings
  • Deeply familiar with retail and grocery store operations
  • Highly skilled in greeting, assisting, and thanking customers in a courteous manner
  • Friendly and outgoing attitude
  • Able to get things done in an accurate way

• Compactor
• Safety Cutter
• Cardboard Baler
• Carts
• Cash Register


Bagger/Utility Worker                       
Meijer – Canton, MI
Jan 2021 – Present

  • Greet and help customers in the front area of the store
  • Collect carts from the parking lot
  • Maintain the safety and cleanliness of entryways or floors
  • Ensure parking lot cleanliness and sanitation
  • Handle the concerns of consumers in a pleasant manner
  • Ensure customers’ orders were bagged correctly and carefully

Grocery Bagger                            
Costco – Canton, MI
Mar 2017 – Jan 2021

  • Politely answered questions from customers
  • Kept the parking lot free of carts and any garbage
  • Maintained sanitation of work area and backroom
  • Correctly handled products and equipment in keeping with food safety and safety guidelines
  • Ensured a safe shopping environment
  • Assisted buyers in the lot with groceries and carts

High School Diploma                      
City School, Barberton, OH


  • Good listening and communication skills
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Capable of lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, bending, and twisting effectively

Entry Level Bagger Resume No Experience (Sample 3)

If you are an entry-level candidate or student looking for a job as a bagger, the following skills-based resume will help you make a good resume. This Bagger Resume focuses on your transferable skills rather than any practical experience.

Graham Doe
827 Arctic Avenue
Eieslon, AK 77363
(000) 410-2510

Energetic, customer service-oriented Bagger with exceptional customer service skills, outstanding physical ability, and stamina. Eager to offer exceptional customer service to customers at Kroger.

• Able to transport heavy grocery items by using shopping carts.
• Demonstrated ability to perform routine pre-operational checks on bagging systems.
• In-depth knowledge of conducting quality control sampling to ensure the quality of bagged products.
• Proficient in using proper techniques to stack bags on pallets for shipping.
• Excellent understanding of bagging techniques.
• Exceptional know-how of types of bagging materials and their usage.
• Able to operate a forklift for store operations.

High School Diploma
Eielson High School, Eielson, AK

• Proven ability to bend, twist and carry weights up to 50 lbs
• Demonstrated ability to react rationally in emergency situations
• Communication
• Customer Service
• Time management

Bagger Skills for Resume

A bagger’s resume must be well-equipped with a practical skills section that will make your candidacy stand out. In fact, a skills section of a bagger resume makes its appearance interesting and increases the chances of an interview.

View the following sample skills statements which are highly relevant to the bagger job. Select  4-5 phrases to include in your CV or resume for the grocery bagger position.

  • Providing warm, as well as engaging interaction with customers
  • Packing, wrapping, and moving merchandise quickly and safely
  • Ensuring a clean and orderly workplace
  • Following the department’s standard operating procedures
  • Cleaning and sanitizing check-stands and stocking them with bags
  • Delivering exceptional service to all customers
  • Taking carts to the drive and load area
  • Pushing and pulling carts
  • Displaying merchandise
  • Working on the checkout counter in the absence of a cashier
  • Ensuring the safety of merchandise and the workplace
  • Operating forklifts and pallet jacks
  • Following procedures on paper and pre-defined methods
  • Computer and internet skills for data entry and search
  • Maintaining food products in a safe manner
  • Keeping accurate records
  • Processing customer payments and discounts
  • Performing store opening and closing duties
  • Cleaning and sanitizing checkout counters and parking areas
  • Excellent communication (verbal and written) skills in English and Spanish
  • Reading and understanding instructions and carrying out work duties accordingly
  • Upholding the safety and work rules of the company
  • Using manual dexterity to ensure repeated and coordinated use of hands, arms, wrists, and fingers.

Soft Skills for Bagger Resume

  • Communication
  • Customer Service
  • Problem-solving
  • Resolving disputes
  • Working without supervision
  • Decision-making
  • Teamwork
  • Attention to detail
  • Eager to work on rotating shifts and weekends based on requirements
  • Willing to work overtime
  • Handling stressful situations
  • Building and maintaining professional relationships with customers and staff
  • Keen ability to attain customer loyalty
  • Adapting to change
  • Friendly and outgoing
  • Handling irate customers and adverse situations effectively
  • Able to lift 50 lbs consistently
  • Bilingual: Ability to read, write, and type English and Spanish

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