Grocery Bagger Resume Sample and Template

Updated November 30, 2021
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Grocery Baggers, or courtesy clerks, work in grocery stores, malls, or shopping complexes.

They are an integral part of the customer service team in superstore settings and are responsible for wrapping and transporting goods and items purchased by customers.

Their major tasks include weighing goods, packing and sealing goods tightly, loading them on carts, and transporting the packed merchandise to the customer’s vehicle.

Getting the job of a Grocery Bagger is an excellent way of entering the retail field.

You will need a resume to apply for a grocery bagger job. Your resume must be written in a way that grabs the interest of the prospective employer.

Take a look at the following sample along with this grocery bagger cover letter to get help in crafting a winning job application set.

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Sample Resume for Grocery Bagger Job

99 Some Street, Houston, TX 69888
(000) 320-9449
[Email Address]

Grocery Bagger / Courtesy Clerk

Bringing superb customer service skills and physical stamina to provide exceptional service and maximize profit.

Detail-oriented and dexterous grocery bagger with 6+ years’ progressively responsible experience working in retail sales and customer service field. Ability to bag groceries according to defined procedures. Courteous and obliging attitude with a special focus on following instructions and working collaboratively. Bilingual: English/Spanish.


  • Proven ability to bag quickly while maintaining product integrity.
  • Well versed in communicating effectively with coworkers and customers.
  • Particularly effective in reading, counting, and writing.
  • Proficient in operating all equipment necessary to perform the job.


Grocery Bagger
Shoprite Mall, Houston TX
Feb 2019 – Present

  • Load shopping carts with merchandise, and transport them up to the customers’ vehicles.
  • Place merchandise back at their proper place.
  • Clean the dirty checkout areas.
  • Pack the purchased items in shopping bags and fasten the bags tightly.
  • Perform customer service and housekeeping duties for the store.

Courtesy Clerk
ABC Grocery Store, Austin, TX
May 2014 – Feb 2019

  • Ensured goods were well organized on the shelves.
  • Restocked the sold goods with new stocks.
  • Arranged shelves when disturbed by the customers.
  • Filed purchase and sales order, bills, and receipts.
  • Safeguarded important documents and transaction registers.
  • Assisted the housekeeping department by cleaning shelves, sweeping, and washing floors.
  • Helped customers packing goods and transported them up to their cars.

ABC High School, Houston, TX


  • Friendly and fun
  • Customer service
  • Quality maintenance
  • Assets safeguarding
  • Supplies management
  • Bagging techniques

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