Recycling Truck Driver Job Description

Updated on: September 2, 2019

Recycling truck drivers or garbage truck drivers usually drive a single axel garbage truck to collect recyclables or garbage from designated areas and deliver it to dumps.

While there are no specific prerequisites to work as a recycling truck driver, one does need to know the local residential areas so that one can perform picking up activities.


Since proper recyclables disposal is vital to health, it is important for recycling truck drivers to be hands-on in their work and to perform their duties in a time-efficient manner.

They need to pick up the recyclables and make sure that it is delivered to appropriate places where it will be separated for composting or recycling purposes.

To drive a recycling truck, it is not only important to know how to drive a truck; one needs to possess knowledge of truck and equipment safety, sewage and garbage collection and disposal procedures.

Recycling truck drivers must be good decision-makers and be able to communicate well with people as they often have to interact with residents of the area that they service.


Some personal attributes that can make one eligible for this position include the ability to demonstrate sound ethics and knowledge of operating and maintaining single axel garbage trucks.

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Recycling Truck Driver Job Description

• Operate single-axle trucks in compliance with local, state and company policies

• Inspect trucks for functionality prior to garbage picking and recycling assignments

• Ensure that trucks are fueled before each assignment

• Drive recycling trucks along established routes

• Operate equipment for garbage compressing purposes

• Dismount and mount trucks to collect garbage and move to next pick up location

• Check roads and weather conditions and calculate estimated timelines for reporting purposes

• Ensure that garbage or recycling bins are tagged to inform residents of overflowing issues or inclusion of items that are not permitted

• Listen to residents’ complaints regarding garbage disposal issues

• Assist in sorting out items that can be recycled and ensure that others are thrown into designated compartments

• Ensure that garbage and recycled items are delivered to their designated recycling plants or garbage dumps

• Make sure that trucks are kept clean and maintained at all times

• Sanitize compactor bodies and ensure that they are clean and in good repair after each route

• Maintain driving and haul log sheets on a trip basis

• Clean up waste spills and ensure that residents’ receptacles are placed back in designated places