Bagger Job Description; 12 Common Duties & Responsibilities

Updated on: October 16, 2020
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Baggers are employed by convenience stores and other retail environments where their primary duty is to assist the cashier. They are expected to facilitate the check out the procedure by bagging items and helping customers carry merchandise bags out to their cars.

Bagger Job Description

While baggers are usually required to perform bagging duties, they may be expected to manage other aspects of the place that they are working in. This may include greeting customers as they arrive, assisting them with product location, collecting trolleys and maintaining parking lot cleanliness.

Since the job of a bagger is extremely customer oriented, people working in this position need to be very friendly and outgoing and possess a customer service nature to the very core.

Baggers need to be learned in bagging techniques as they need to know which item to put in what type of bag and which items cannot be packed with another. They are also expected to place packed items in the cart and push the cart to the car and then unload the items into the car.

Baggers also assist the store staff in managing their work appropriately. They may work as cashiers, support in stocking supplies, maintain the cleanliness of work areas and verify items against quoted prices. They may also be expected to assist in unloading delivery products when needed.

On a more detailed note, baggers are required to return items left at the cash counter to their specific shelves and ensure that all shelves are properly stocked and tidy in appearance.

Job Description Statements for a Bagger Resume

  1. Greeted and acknowledged customers
  2. Ensured that each customer receive exceptional service
  3. Provided a friendly environment and maintained outstanding standards
  4. Bagged groceries following defined procedures
  5. Maintained a methodical work area
  6. Communicated with co-workers and customers
  7. Maintained high standards consistent with the Front End expectations
  8. Performed prompt goods pick-up service
  9. Helped customers moving shopping carts and baggage to the parking
  10. Collected shopping carts from the parking lot and returned to store
  11. Corresponded customer requests to management
  12. Performed additional duties as assigned