Grocery Store Clerk Job Description for Resume

Updated on: June 21, 2019

Position Overview

Grocery store clerks are primarily hired to handle stocking tasks within a grocery store.

They are required to receive groceries, store them properly, and ensure appropriate product rotation.


When grocery store clerks receive supplies, they are required to ensure the quality of what they have received and also make sure that the right quantity has been delivered.

Job Requirements

Employers generally hire people who are at least 18 years of age, possess a high school diploma or equivalent and are physically dexterous as grocery store clerks.

Skills and Abilities

Since lifting and moving heavy boxes is a huge part of a grocery store clerk’s work, it is essential for them to be physically agile.

If you want to work as a grocery store clerk, you will have to be familiar with grocery store products and how they are placed.


You will also need to possess exceptional customer service skills, as you will have to assist customers in making purchases.

In some stores, grocery store clerks are required to double as cashiers, so information of operating cash machines and handling money safely is a plus point if you are applying for this position.

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Job Description for Grocery Store Clerk Resume

• Receive, check and store grocery items at the beginning of the workday

• Ensure that the correct quantity of items has been supplied

• Make sure that the quality of grocery items is up to the mark

• Transport grocery items to the proper storage areas

• Ensure appropriate placement, storage, and rotation of perishable grocery items

• Check storage areas for expired items and make sure that any expired items are wasted

• Handle stacking activities by making sure that all grocery items are placed properly

• Make sure that shelves and cleaned every day

• Assist customers in locating their choice of groceries and provide them with information on ingredients and expiry dates

• Supervise the movements of grocery items between storage areas and shelves

• Ensure that any damaged or spoilt products are handled according to company policy

• Assist customers in retrieving items from inaccessible areas such as low shelves or from the back of shelves

• Assist customer through the payments procedure by ringing and bagging their purchases

• Operate cash registers, take payment for items sold and offer change

• Respond to customers’ complaints and ensure that they are handled properly

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