Top 2 Store Clerk Resume Examples

Updated on: July 8, 2021
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Do we have the perfect solution for store clerk resume writing?

It is not even that difficult. All you have to do is place information in a preset format and you are done!

But before we give you the format, let us tell you a few things about the resume for the store clerk position.

There are just four critical resume sections that you need to look into; accomplishments/experience, skills, qualifications, and education.

And these are what you will find in the format below. Remember to place your information exactly as the information in the sample. Take a look!

Sample Resume for Store Clerk Position (Example 1)

Jay Ellis
523 Leeward Drive, Moneta, VA 23897
(000) 326-8585


Well-organized, detail-oriented, and hardworking individual with proven skills in receiving, unpacking, and inspecting the merchandise to ensure its conformity with company standards. Deep insight into tagging items for inventory purposes and distributing items to designated locations.

• Unmatched ability to stock shelves, racks, and cases and issue sales floor merchandise according to company directives.
• Track record of efficiently taking inventory and examining merchandise to identify items that need to be replenished or procured.
• Demonstrated ability to maintain accurate shipping records on outbound shipments to vendors and process outstation restocks.
• Proficient in performing stock inventory on critical inventory items and advising procurement officers of shortages.

• Increased inventory efficiency by 55% by introducing a sophisticated alarms-based inventory system.
• Reined in a series of promotional activities by providing visual merchandising support to the project.
• Retained a business of a corporate client by delivering him consistent customer services and proactively handling her major complaint.
• Introduced a code identification system that made it easy to correlate prices to barcodes, enabling store representatives to identify items quickly.


Store Clerk
(6/2012 – Present)
• Receive incoming items and ensure that all paperwork is in order.
• Assist in unloading delivery trucks and directing the movement of incoming shipments appropriately.
• Stock products on platforms, shelves, or pegs as required and ensure their safety at all levels.
• Ensure that items are correctly displayed at the front end and assist customers in locating their choice of products.
• Provide customers with information on products and their features.
• Identify pricing techniques for each product and place price tags on them accordingly.
• Ensure that all visual display signs are updated with the product, price, and discount information.
• Run customers through payment procedures by either leading them to cashiers or performing cashiering duties.
• Bag and deliver purchases to customers’ vehicles or have arrangements made for delivery.
• Create and submit item receiving reports to the supervisor and ensure that any customer complaints are handled according to the company’s policies.

Stock Associate
SAVE-A-LOT, Moneta, VA
(1/2011 – 5/2012)
• Assisted in receiving the shipment of goods from suppliers by unloading them from delivery trucks.
• Physically moved the boxes and cartons to their designated storage areas.
• Stacked items on shelves and ensured that they were adequately arranged according to marketing principles.
• Maintained order and cleanliness within the store by providing that all things are in place at all times and appropriate dusting and rearranging are performed.
• Assisted customers in locating their choice of products and leading them through payment procedures.

High School Diploma

• Inventory Management
• Money Tendering
• Customer Services
• Sales Records
• Receiving Procedures
• Visual Presentation
• Order Filling
• Complaint Handling
• Sales Delivery
• First Contact Services
• POS System
• Code Identification

Store Clerk Resume Sample 2

Fiona Grant
111 Some Lane
Memphis, TN 55650
(000) 745-1212
fionagrant @ email . com


• Dedicated store clerk with 14 years’ track record of effectively handling both frontend and backend stocking and customer services work within a large retail establishment.
• Adept at handling sophisticated POS systems while ensuring the accuracy of transactions and performing till balancing duties.
• Highly skilled in verifying incoming merchandise with work orders and identifying codes such as prices and stock tags
• First-hand experience in computing merchandise prices and keeping accurate records of sales
• Documented success in keeping track of inventory and ensuring that it is replenished on time
• Exceptional customer service acumen with complete focus on customer satisfaction through delivery of excellent services

• Shipment Preparation
• Order Pulling
• Visual Merchandising
• Storage Solutions
• Inventory Control
• POS Handling
• Cash Register
• Till Balancing
• Stocking
• Customer Support
• Complaint Management
• Loss Prevention


Store Clerk
MEGA CO-OP, Memphis, TN
(5/20017 to Present)
• Receive shipments and compare them with receipt orders to ensure their accuracy.
• Assist in unloading merchandise and placing it in designated storage areas.
• Open boxes and crates and count items to ensure that they conform to quantity standards.
• Place items on store shelves by arranging them according to marketing principles.
• Greet customers and assist them in locating products by either escorting or directing them.
• Demonstrate product features and provide information regarding prices and warranties.
• Lead customers through payment procedures by either assisting them with transactions or handling cash and credit card transactions on POS systems.
• Tender change and ensure that purchases are properly bagged and delivered to customers’ vehicles.
• Provide aftersales services and handle complaints by ensuring total customer satisfaction.
Key Accomplishments
• Replaced the existing inventory system with a more sophisticated one which sounded periodic alarms when inventory levels went low.
• Retained an important corporate customer by providing him with consistent, exceptional services after a short period of dissatisfaction from a store representative.

Retail Aide
(1/2013 to 5/2017)
• Provided product information and demonstrated product features.
• Assisted cashiers throughout payment procedures by efficiently providing pricing information and bagging purchases.
• Carried purchases to customers’ cars and arranged for deliveries to be made through store delivery services.
• Serviced complaints by assisting during complaint investigation processes.
• Assisted in keeping the store clean and maintained according to company standards.
Key Accomplishments
• Introduced new loss prevention measures which reduced shoplifting by a staggering 85%.
• Resolved a POS discrepancy by carefully looking through 12 months’ of transactions and finding out that a $5000 entry had not been put in.

High School Diploma

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