Grocery Cashier Resume No Experience

Updated August 28, 2022
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There is a profound difference between writing a resume that will “pass” and one that will “wow”. Not to mention, the latter is more successful.

It is not stylish fonts and rainbow colors that make a resume good.

It is the way information is presented in it that does – especially at the entry level.

When you are a good choice for a grocery cashier position (and you know it), make a special effort to let the prospective employer know as well.

Placing information in your resume, in a way that is concise, precise, and usable for the employer, is the best way forward.

Lack of experience is not your inability to do things. It just shows that you have not had the benefit of working in a real-time environment.

Here is an example of a resume that shows that experience isn’t everything:

Grocery Cashier Resume No Experience

Ian Harrison
7887 Tonne Way, CA 95667
(000) 475-7548
ianharrison @ email . com


Friendly and dependable, eager to attain the common goals of the employer through teamwork and collaboration.

Highly energetic and driven individual with a solid understanding of cashiering and customer service, seeking employment at ABC Store. Bringing the ability to adapt to a new environment, profound confidence, and a passion to ensure exceptional customer service. 

• Proven ability to operate modern and archaic cash registers, paying special attention to the accuracy of transactions.
• Effectively able to process card and cash transactions, and provide customers with correlating change and receipts.
• Well-versed in handling bagging activities, applying knowledge of different types of bags for different items.
• Deeply familiar with handling returns and exchanges, in sync with the company’s policies and protocols.


  • Cash Handling
  • Payment Processing
  • Communication & Customer Service
  • Returns & Exchanges
  • Complaint Escalation
  • Stock Management & Merchandising
  • Bagging and Delivery
  • Aftersales Service

High School Diploma
Placerville High School, Placerville, CA 


K-Mart, Placerville, CA
May 2022 – Aug2022
• Greeted customers as they arrived at the store and provided them with information regarding the location of their desired products.
• Assisted customers in locating their specified grocery items and provided them with pricing and expiry information.
• Manned the cash register during busy hours, processing cash and credit card payments.
• Handled bagging duties and delivered customers’ purchases to their vehicles.
• Coordinated the efforts of the custodial staff to ensure that the store was kept clean and maintained at all times.

• MS Word and Excel
• POS System

Strong References Available