Store Cashier Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated on: February 12, 2021
 Store Cashier Job Description

Store cashiers handle many tasks within a retail environment. While their designation indicates that they work at the cash counter only, they also perform numerous other customer service jobs.

Essentially, a store cashier greets customers, helps them locate items, and takes payments in exchange for goods sold.

Store cashiers also provide customers with information on products and reserve items for them. They advise customers on what to buy and also provide them with product descriptions and demonstrations.

Additionally, they handle returns and refunds and bag products according to their types or customers’ instructions.

Working in small and large establishments, store cashiers may alternate as sales representatives as their knowledge of the retail world is sufficient to provide justice to a representative’s role.

Below are some job duties of a store cashier that will be useful for you to write a resume for this position.

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Sample Job Description for Store Cashier Resume

  • Greet customers as they arrive at the store and guide them regarding different sections
  • Provide customers with detailed information on different products
  • Accompany customers to their desired product or direct them to a customer representative
  • Reserve items for customers and make follow up calls to ensure that reserved items are picked up within the reservation time frame
  • Scan the price of items using specialized scanning equipment
  • Weigh and tag produce such as vegetables and fruits
  • Determine the total price of items sold and provide customers with a figure
  • Wrap or baggage sold items according to customers’ choice
  • Operate a cash register or adding machine
  • Take cash in exchange for goods sold
  • Process credit and debit card payments
  • Process returns and exchanges and issue receipts and change to customers
  • Record total daily sales and balance cash registers at the end of the shift
  • Count money in cash registers and ensure that they coincide with items sold
  • Issue and redeem trading stamps
  • Mark prices and stock shelves
  • Ensure that supplies inventory is managed properly
  • Offer customers carry out services for large purchases
  • Create monetary and non-monetary reports on a periodical basis
  • Resolve customers’ complaints and problems
  • Verify age appropriateness for age-restricted purchases
  • Make sure that there is enough change (coins and small bills) at the beginning of each shift
  • Maintain a clean work area

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