Front Desk Coordinator Job Description for Resume

Updated on: February 17, 2022
Position Overview

Being the heart and soul of an organization, the front desk coordinator is a person who has a lot of responsibility on his / her shoulders.

Working at tier 1, these people are the face of the company and are responsible to ensure that a positive image of the organization is portrayed to outsiders.

Front Desk Coordinator General Job Description

Front desk coordinators greet customers and visitors as they arrive at the office and provide them with information that they require.

They also answer telephone calls and respond to inquiries as well. Working in this position means that you have to be great at communicating and possess exceptional people skills.

Many employers will hire front desk coordinators who do not have college degrees but if you do have one, it goes in your favor. At this position, you will make sure that all interactions between company personnel and outside forces are handled as smoothly as possible.

You will greet people visiting the office, ask them who they want to see (also inquire into their business) and see if their required contact is available. You will also schedule appointments and make sure that they are followed up.

Since you will be working at the front desk, it is your job to make sure that the lobby and waiting area are kept clean and maintained properly. Positive representation of the company is important in this job, so make sure that you are aware of each office’s cleanliness and maintenance needs before you actually join.

A list of typical work duties of a front desk coordinator is provided below for you to refer to:

Sample Duties for Front Desk Coordinator Resume

• Greet customers and visitors as they arrive at the office and inquire into their purpose of visit.

• Provide information asked for and ensure that customers/visitors are seated while they wait.

• Call up company personnel over the intercom and ask them if they would like to see people waiting for them.

• Provide visitors with information on where / which part of the office building their required contact will be available.

• Lead or arrange for visitors to be led to their required contact.

• Answer telephones, screen calls and decide which calls should be transferred.

• Schedule appointments and ensure that appropriate follow-up calls are made.

• Create and maintain appropriate spreadsheets and handle data entry work.

• Perform copying, scanning, and filing duties according to specific instructions provided by supervisors.

• Coordinate the scheduling of meetings and take and record minutes.

• Manage office bulletin boards by approving all materials to be posted.

• Ensure the cleanliness and maintenance of the entire office.