Paraprofessional Skills for Resume

Updated on: April 29, 2021

With changing trends in the job market, recruiters’ focus, in general, is shifting from qualifications to competencies of the candidates and most employers now give more weightage to the candidates’ job-related skills rather than their relevant educational qualifications.

In order to be considered for a paraprofessional position, your resume must have a solid skills section that convinces the employer at a glance that you are a viable candidate and can actually get the task done.

Although there is a general skills-set specific to every paraprofessional position, but, when you are applying for a job at a certain institution, it is important to find out their preferred skills for the job. Like other sections of the resume, your skills section also needs to be customized and tailored to suit the employer’s preferences.

Make a list of the required skills first then match the ones you offer against these. Once you have a comprehensive list of skills you intend to include, prioritize these in order of importance. Pay attention to how you phrase your skills. Use the industry-specific terms while describing your skills and make sure you take a confident tone.

Below is a sample skills list for paraprofessional resume.

Paraprofessional Skills for Resume

• Highly skilled in providing direction to students and enable them to study independently
• Well versed in utilizing various instructional equipment and Audio Visual Aids effectively to reinforce learning in the classroom
• Proficient in designing and implementing supportive learning activities in collaboration with the teacher
• Competent at handling and addressing behavioral problems in young learners and enhancing motivation to learn
• Thorough understanding of various cognitive and psychosocial developmental milestones connected with child’s age along with associated needs
• Hands-on experience in activity moderation, teacher’s assistance, and progress record keeping
• Substantial knowledge of various behavior control techniques and strategies
• Efficient in designing and executing individualized correctional programs
• Proven ability to devise need-based learning strategies for physically or mentally challenged children
• Demonstrated skills in classroom organization, testing, and evaluation
• Track record of conducting reinforcement lessons in small groups, covering core subjects including English, math,s and basic sciences
• Excellent skills in analyzing and evaluating the effectiveness of the designed program and changing the instructional strategies based on the learner’s response and progress
• Expert in maintaining updated and fully structured classroom bulletin boards to facilitate learning
• Adept at determining Individualized learning goals for each student and gauging progress in learning
• Well practiced in communicating home assignments to students, answering their queries regarding the same, and marking the work done
• Effective listening skills along with profound ability to communicate clearly with students, parents, and teachers involved