How to Get Front Desk Clerk Job

Updated on: November 2, 2019

The career roadmap for a front desk clerk job is nowhere as complicated as the job itself.

There are many sides to working as a front desk clerk. No two industries will offer you this position and detail the exact same job description.

Almost everything is different in each place. From training to customer service experience, you will find out that everything that you do as a front desk clerk in Company B is completely disparate from how you did it in Company A!

During an interview – or even prior to one – you will find out just how important the role of a front desk clerk is, mostly because of its potential to create a good first impression on customers and visitors.

So when you are screened, you are scrutinized as if you are being selected for the armed forces! Yes, it is actually that rigorous. But with the right amount of knowledge and skills to back it up, you have it made.

Want to figure out how to get a front desk clerk job? Follow the career map given below:

Step 1 – Education

While there is usually no formal education requirements to work as a front desk clerk, a high school diploma helps – especially if your coursework includes business studies and computer skills. If you are past the high school stage, you might consider enrolling yourself in an associate’s degree program in hospitality.

Step 2 – Obtain Training

If you are farsighted enough to look for training opportunities before you apply for a front desk clerk job, you are looking at success right in the eye. See if you can find any customer service related courses where you live and enroll yourself. You must be aware of complete job description for front desk clerk position.

Step 3 – Assessment

Assess yourself. Are you a people person? Do you not get rattled when asked questions by customers? Are you a good conversationalist? Can you handle customers’ requests and problems? If the answer to all this is yes, you may go on to the next step.

Step 4 – Job Application

Okay, so now that you know that you have both education and training to work as a front desk officer, it is time to prepare your job application. Both front desk clerk resume and front desk clerk cover letter will need to be written with precision and keeping your target in mind – the front desk position.

Look for jobs in newspapers. Identify opportunities online. Apply, apply and apply! But make sure both your resume and cover letter are targeted to each specific position you apply for.