Front Desk Clerk Duties and Responsibilities

Updated on: December 24, 2021

The front desk of any organization holds great importance as it reflects the overall company’s image.

Be it a business or a hotel; front desk personnel is responsible for providing customers with a first impression – which is usually considered to be the last impression, especially if it is the hospitality arena.

Companies and hospitality settings employ people at many levels to ensure that a positive company image is maintained and projected.

Even though the position of a front desk clerk is an entry-level one, much is dependent on it. Front desk clerks perform one of the biggest jobs in a hotel which is checking guests in and out.

This in itself is a huge responsibility which a front desk clerk needs to do with total professionalism while maintaining a pleasant demeanor.

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Some other important duties and responsibilities of a hotel front desk clerk include.

Front Desk Clerk Duties and Responsibilities

• Greet guests and provide them with room availability and hotel facilities information.
• Assign rooms to guests and provide them with instructions on using automated keys.
• Make reservations over the phone and confirm them by giving call-back services.
• Instruct bellhops to escort guests to their rooms and handle luggage.
• Maintain information on room availability and guests’ accounts.
• Perform bookkeeping activities such as position charges and computing bills.
• Collect payments in the form of cash and process credit card payments.
• Record guests’ comments and complaints.
• Advise housekeeping staff to handle tasks when rooms are vacated.
• Answer incoming telephone calls and provide information on the hotel’s services.
• Take and relay messages to guests.
• Issue safety deposit boxes to guests when requested.
• Accept and carry out wake-up call requests.
• Make cash drops at the end of each shift.
• Refer guests to appropriate departments to ensure that their complaints are resolved.
• Take and verify identification during check-ins.
• Perform cleaning and maintenance tasks on the front desk.
• Offer guests advice on local shopping and eating areas.
• Communicate with staff on the previous shift to manage guests’ arrivals and reservations.
• Inform management of any discrepancies in front desk operations.
• Balance rebates and miscellaneous charges.
• Provide guests with information on entertainment prospects inside the hotel.
• Provide travel instructions to guests and arrange for transportation.
• Complete and present reports pertaining to housekeeping to the management.
• Report safety hazards to the management or security officials.

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