Front Desk Agent Job Description for Resume

Updated on: September 14, 2021

The front desk area of any organization holds importance just because it is responsible for projecting a positive image to both customers and visitors.

Employers pay particular attention to how candidates portray themselves when they appear for interviews for a front desk position.

Front desk agents work in many industries – from hotels to offices, they are seen everywhere.

Their work involves greeting customers and visitors and providing them with pertinent information.

They make telephone calls, provide information over the phone, and direct calls to staff within the organization.

In a hotel environment, front desk agents are required to check guests in, make reservations, and ensure that they are provided with the best in customer services.

Since front desk agents interact with the general public, they need to possess exceptional customer service and communication skills.

They also need to be friendly and possess the ability to resolve customers’ issues proactively.

Additionally, they need to be technology savvy and maintain a great ability to take notes and dictation when required.

A typical day in the life of a front desk agent will require him to perform some or all of the following duties listed below:

Front Desk Agent Job Description to Add in a Resume

General Duties

• Greet customers as they arrive at the reception area of the company
• Politely ask customers what information they would like
• Provide the required information in a clear and concise manner
• Ask visitors to wait until their requests are processed
• Take telephone calls and provide information over the phone
• Connect calls to staff members and take and relay messages accurately

Hotel Front Desk Duties

• Perform checking in activities and provide guests with information on the hotel’s services and policies
• Make reservations over the telephone and in-person
• Accommodate special requests from guests and visitors when possible
• Provide guests with payment quotes and process cash and credit card payments
• Maintain visitors and guests’ records and ensure that they are updated on a needed basis
• Provide guests with information on local sights
• Make reservations on tours and hikes on behalf of guests
• Provide guests with information on hotel services such as spas, restaurants, and shopping areas
• Coordinate luggage handling activities by engaging bellboys
• Ensure that guests are shown to their rooms and handed over room keys in a professional manner
• Assist guests during the check out by providing them with bills and explaining billing items accurately
• Follow company charted out procedures for issuing and closing safe deposit boxes
• Ensure that the front desk is kept clean and maintained at all times
• Make sure that the front office is ready for the next shift before ending own shift