Fast Food Cashier Resume: 2 Samples & Job Description

Updated on: March 25, 2023

Primarily, a Fast Food Cashier is responsible for accurately performing necessary cash, check, and credit card transactions related to sales.

They maintain the accuracy of point of sales systems, correctly process cash register transactions including inputting costs, taking cash, and giving back change, processing checks, debit, and credit cards.

On a general level, this position is also supposed to greet customers warmly, keep designated working areas organized, answer calls, queries, and other related matters, and provide exceptional customer service to clients.

A High School Diploma or GED is a prerequisite for this position.

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Fast Food Cashier Resume Sample 1

Pauline Wilson
Pulaski, NY
(000) 745-8512
[email protected]


Customer service-oriented individual with extensive experience in working as a cashier in a busy fast-food restaurant. Qualified to create and ensure a fun-filled and exciting food service environment through flawless delivery of customer services. Easily adaptable to change with eagerness towards learning and expanding capabilities and strengths.

• Competent in processing customers’ orders quickly and efficiently by following set hospitality and food service protocols
• Effectively able to promote positive coworker and guest interactions with a complete focus on customer satisfaction
• Deep familiarity with processing cash and credit card transactions by operating sophisticated POS systems

• Order Handling • Restaurant Maintenance
• Food Safety Standards • Upselling
• Payment Processing • Food Storage Solutions
• Complaint Management • Cash Auditing
• Food Preparation • Cash Drawer Balancing
• Sanitation • Menu Development

• Reorganized cash balancing procedures, making the process 48% more efficient
• Handled 110 orders in 1 shift, following a day with a massive number of customers due to the Christmas holidays
• Increased the fast food restaurant’s customer base by 39% by suggesting the incorporation of a kiddie meal section
• Responsible for 15 instances (one after the other) of no discrepancies during external cash audits


Fast Food Cashier
Subway, Pulaski, NY
(6/2017 – Present)
• Greet customers as they approach the counter and present them with menus
• Assist customers in choosing items from the list by providing them with information on ingredients and cooking styles
• Take orders for food items and beverages and give billing information
• Process cash and credit card transactions and tender change and receipts
• Follow up on orders and assist in packing prepared orders

Fast Food Cashier
City Foods, Pulaski, NY
5/2013 – 6/2017
• Handed over packed orders or prepared trays to customers or had them delivered to them
• Balanced cash drawers at the end of each shift
• Assisted with periodic POS audits
• Handled any discrepancies according to company policies
• Ensured that cash books are properly maintained

Food Preparer
Captain Cook’s, Pulaski, NY
1/2010 – 5/2013
• Took orders for dine-in and take-away food items and ensured that they were quickly prepared
• Packed prepared food items for to-go orders and prepared trays for dine-in ones
• Assisted in handling the POS during rush hours by processing cash and credit/debit card payments
• Balanced cash drawers at the end of each shift and reported any discrepancies
• Ensured the cleanliness and maintenance of the food service counter
• Handled food supplies inventories by coordinating activities with procurement officers

High School Diploma
Pulaski High School, Pulaski, NY – 2009

Fast Food Cashier Resume Sample 2

Milson Cleo
Lake Manassas, VA

[email protected]

Energetic | Willing | Competent

Friendly, client-focused, and vigorous Cashier with 5+ years’ in the foodservice industry. Determined to provide the best possible service to customers guaranteeing their ultimate satisfaction. Proven track record of meticulously operating cash registers/POS Systems, ringing proper amounts into the log, and returning correct change. Demonstrated ability to maintain the integrity of all financial controls. Well-versed in the cleanliness of the counter and the ability to respond to visual and aural cues.


Fast Food Cashier 
Matos Vegetarian – Rosemont, IL   
9/2019 – Present
• Greeted guests in a courteous and friendly manner.
• Earned an amicable position by remembering their likes and dislikes and whole-heartedly invited them to return.
• Resolved customer-related issues on the spot and made sure they had a wonderful time in the restaurant.
• Listened to their opinions/suggestions/criticisms patiently and with a positive approach to overcome deficient areas.
• Operated cash register, received payment from customers, memorized customer preferences, and provided excellent cash/credit service.

Cashier – Buffet Cannery 
The Melt – Palo Alto, CA
11/2017 – 9/2019
• Assisted in organizing, reconciling, and verifying transaction accuracy.
• Carefully operated equipment with peripheral electronic data processing systems.
• Cautiously read product labels, checks, shelf signage, registers, and forms.
• Used check stand register, scales, and scanners.
Complete checklists and procedures for cash reporting, inventory control, and scheduling.

High School Diploma
City Community School – Baltimore, MD [2001]


  • POS system
  • E-mail
  • Quick-books
  • MS Word, Excel
  • OneNote and Outlook

Good command of English and Spanish
Communication and time management skills

Fast Food Cashier Job Description for Resume

  • Greet customers as they approach the order counter and present them with the menu.
  • Provide customers with information on the day’s special and menu deals.
  • Take customers’ orders and punch them in the POS.
  • Provide information regarding the total bill and process cash payments.
  • Process credit and debit card payments and provide customers with receipts.
  • Relay orders to the kitchen, and provide customers with information on the time it will take to prepare their order.
  • Perform food preparation activities to assist backend workers.
  • Pack prepared food items and add condiments and napkins.
  • Deliver dine-in orders to customers on their tables and hand-packaged ones to take-away customers.
  • Ensure the cleanliness of the order counter, tables, and chairs.
  • Coordinate with the cleaning crew to ensure that the restaurant is cleaned and sanitized regularly.
  • Count cash in the register at the end of each day and perform tallying activities.
  • Handle any discrepancies that may arise during cash tallying.
  • Ensure that sufficient change is available at the beginning of each shift.
  • Replenish condiments and general supplies in service areas.
  • Handle any cash refund requests following food returns, item exchanges, or complaints.

Fast Food Cashier Qualifications

Most fast-food cashiers are also responsible for food preparation activities – and cooking too! Typically, they have to:

• Be customer-service oriented
• Able to work in a fast-paced operating mode
• Responsible for establishing high customer service standards
• Able to follow standardized portion control
• Handle cashiering duties effectively

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