Fast Food Cashier Job Description and Duties

People working in the fast food industry need to be able to do many different types of tasks on any given day. The fast-food sector offers a fast-paced, often quite overwhelming environment and employers make sure that they hire very dynamic people.

The position of a fast food cashier is one such dynamic position which requires much from an individual especially where customer services are concerned.

Fast food cashiers work behind the counters in fast food restaurants. While their primary work is to handle payments from customers, they end up doing a lot more than just operating the cash register. It is essential for fast food cashiers to possess excellent mathematical skills. Since a part of cashiering involves accounting, it is also crucial for them to know basic principles of accounting.

Since fast food cashiers are – at times – required to take customers’ orders as well, they need to be able to take and pack orders for customers. As part of their work, fast food cashiers also clean and organize eating areas. Since this position comes under the broader category of combined food preparation and serving workers, there is much that one needs to do while working at this position. Some job duties of a fast food cashier are given here:

Fast Food Cashier Job Description and Duties

• Greet customers and communicate with them with a view to determine their orders

• Take customers’ orders and punch them into the restaurant order database

• Ensure that correct order has been punched in

• Provide customers with information on daily specials and discount deals

• Inform customers of their bill and ask if they will pay in cash or through credit card

• Take payments and offer change

• Process credit card payments and ensure that customers sign counter slips

• Make sure that credit cards are returned to customers once they have been successfully swiped

• Relay customers’ orders to the kitchen and ensure that each order is expedited

• Assist counter staff in packing ready orders and handing them to customers

• Ensure that the counter area is kept clean and organized at all times

• Service customers’ requests and complaints and make sure that any serious charge is brought to the notice of the restaurant manager

• Restock workstation with supplies and ensure that any item not in stock is communicated to the manager

• Tally cash at the end of each shift and handle discrepancies according to company policies

• Ensure that sufficient change has been procured from the bank prior to shift

• Create and maintain cash reports at the end of each day

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