Restaurant Shift Manager Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

Updated on: April 9, 2022
Position Overview

A restaurant shift manager is responsible for ensuring that the shift under his or her direction is properly managed.

He or she will make sure that everything is in order, for example, serving staff members, handling schedules, and ensuring quality serving practices.

Working as a restaurant shift manager is certainly not easy. In fact, there is a lot that one has to do. Specifically, maintaining fully-stocked inventory and food supplies is a restaurant shift manager’s job.

In addition, a shift manager is required to arrange to have shifts covered in case an employee is absent.

To see what duties a restaurant shift manager has to perform on any typical workday, have a look at the following:

Restaurant Shift Manager Duties and Responsibilities

• Create schedules for staff members in order to ensure proper operations.

• Delegate work to restaurant staff members.

• Supervise staff members’ performance.

• Lead crew members in order to ensure that they work well.

• Direct daily operations.

• Oversee food preparation activities.

• Motivate and coach new crew members.

• Assist general managers in day-to-day operations.

• Ensure that operational safety and health are prioritized.

• Oversee the work of kitchen staff in order to ensure that they work with accuracy.

• Maintain fast and outstanding service standards.

• Monitor times that customers are kept waiting, and expedite orders.

• Ensure that water glasses are refilled.

• Oversee the production of food and beverages.

• Ensure that metrics such as food quality and temperature are properly handled.

• Open and close register drawers for cashiers.

• Count currency in each drawer, and handle associated discrepancies.

• Make bank deposits according to specified instructions.

• Perform routine checks of cleanliness and maintenance.

• Arrange for replacements to be made in the event of employee


• Create and maintain effective liaison with vendors in order to ensure timely delivery.

• Report employee behavioral issues to the management.

• Sign for deliveries and ensure that they are properly stored.

• Oversee food rotation tasks, to reduce expiry problems.

• Assist in the creation and distribution of paychecks.

• Enforce disciplinary measures.

• Interview, hire and train new employees for all positions within the restaurant.

Restaurant Shift Manager Qualifications

To work as a restaurant shift manager, it is imperative to possess a degree in hospitality, specifically food service.

Previous experience also counts. If you have worked in a head waiter capacity before, you will be considered a good person to hire.

Moreover, knowledge of overseeing staff members in order to ensure high-quality service is required.

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