Class A Driver Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: October 14, 2015

Writing a cover letter has become an inevitable challenge for every job seeker these days. Majority of the employers now ask for a cover letter to accompany the job application and even those who don’t specifically ask for a cover letter to be sent, expect the same nonetheless.

Following are some helpful tips for drafting an impactful cover letter below:

• Introduce your candidacy as a viable one: A cover letter also serves as an introductory letter and thus the first impression your candidacy will make on the prospective employers depends on it. Use it as an effective marketing tool by highlighting the most desirable features of your professional profile.

• Make a connection: Show the employer how your skills and competencies can prove to be helpful for them. Directly relate your qualifications and experience to the job duties the ideal candidate is required to perform.

• Elaborate your relevant experience: Any piece of information that is irrelevant or not directly related to the job at hand can prove to be fatal for your candidacy. If you have been doing similar work previously, only then share a few experiences to give a clear idea to the employer that you are well versed in the role-specific duties, if your experience is not relevant, don’t highlight it; highlight your transferable skills instead.


Class A Driver Cover Letter Sample


Joshua McKinley

477 Fiery Square • Brooklyn, NY 67909 • (004) 333 – 2222 • joshua @ email . com

October 9th, 2015

Mr. Richard Fresno
HR Manager
77 South West Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 67909


Dear Mr. Fresno:

If you seek a:

❖ Safety minded, manually dexterous and alert, Class A CDL driver
❖ Dependable and experienced professional with good road sense and strong map reading skills
❖ Punctual individual who is courteous and well-versed in delivering customer oriented transportation and shipping services

I think we should talk.

Having served as Delivery Driver at the ABC Company for the past 3 years, I am now ready for a more challenging position such as yours that will require me to travel inter-state. Because of my strong physical stamina and proven ability to drive non-stop on long routes, my previous employers depended on me for long distance deliveries.

I am particularly interested in joining RYDER as a driver due to your matchless reputation in the industry of making swift and safe deliveries. I am confident that by hiring me your firm will benefit greatly not only from my demonstrated customer service orientation but also from my proven skills in vehicle maintenance, ability to drive safely in difficult weather conditions and profound expertise in maintaining productive PR with colleagues, management and customers alike.

My detailed resume is enclosed for your consideration and I look forward to meeting with you in an interview with you in order to discuss the relevance of my candidacy further. Please call me now to communicate a suitable meeting date and time.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Joshua McKinley

Enc. Resume