Special Events Coordinator Job Description and Duties

Updated on: August 27, 2019

Position Overview

The special moments in our lives can become even more so in the hands of professionals.

Special events coordinators coordinate all the details and logistics of special events such as birthdays, weddings, charity functions, trade shows, conventions, and music concerts.


They need to possess great insight into how to handle details of each event – from the smallest to the huge ones – which is why they are hired by people who want their events to be flawless.

Special events coordinators should be great at multitasking as they often have to handle many details at the same time. Additionally, they to be creative and possess an aptitude for detailed planning.

Working as a special events coordinator will also require you to possess excellent attention to detail as you will need to make sure that even the tiniest of details of an event is handled with care.



Position Requirements

Most employers prefer to hire Special Events Coordinators who possess a degree in hospitality, public relations or communications to work as special events coordinators.

Working hours of special events coordinators are never set as they usually need to work odd hours depending on the types of events that they are managing.

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Special Events Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities

• Meet clients to understand their individual needs for event planning and organization

• Determine budgets and provide clients with information on how much can be done within their budget

• Ensure that clients understand the details and limitations of their events

• Gather information for each special event project and ensure that collected data is consistent

• Negotiate vendors for space and venue

• Arrange for catering services by placing particular focus on seating arrangements and food and beverages

• Make site visits and acquire resources for each event

• Propose ideas to clients with a view to improving event planning and implementation processes

• Serve as a bridge between vendors and clients

• Coordinate the setup and teardown of events including décor, stage and dance floors

• Ensure that proper furniture is procured keeping in mind the individual theme of the event

• Prepare materials such as name tags, notebooks, gifts/goodie bags, and seating cards

• Ensure that a proper rehearsal has been arranged prior to the time of the event

• Provide clients with appropriate periodic reports on event management progress

• Keep an eye on event expenses and ensure that all financial details are appropriately recorded

• Prepare event contracts, assist clients in understanding them and make any necessary changes