Entry Level Event Coordinator Resume No Experience

Updated on October 14, 2015

Entry level event planning resumes may seem scary to write but in actuality, they are the easiest to handle. Limited information makes it stress-free to write an entry level resume. However, there are a few things that need to be looked into before we write one. The importance of relevant information needs to be stressed here. When you write a resume for a position for which you have had no experience, you automatically try putting in information that isn’t going to do any good to the employer. He or she doesn’t want to know that you excelled in basketball at school – unless you are being hired for a basketball coach position!

Leave the irrelevant information out and you are good to go. During the course of your education, you might have held down a part time job or a summer commission that is relevant to your application. Be sure to mention it as it will help you immensely when the hiring manager decides how well you fit in. Concentrate on your skills and qualifications and you can actually write a resume that is complete from every angle.

You can use the following sample as a template to build an entry level event coordinator resume:


Entry Level Event Coordinator Resume No Experience


Ruth Jose

77 Elm Street ● Brooklyn ● NY 66253 ● (999) 999-9999 ● ruthjose @ email . com


Bringing fresh ideas for events success.

PROFILE: Enthusiastic and hardworking individual with a keen interest in event management. Focused on effectively coordinating all aspects of an event to ensure its success.

• Strong knowledge of planning, designing and producing a wide variety of events
• Adept at liaising with clients to identify their needs and to provide them with solutions to their event management requirements
• Skilled in organizing facilities and manage details of all events including décor, catering and entertainment
• Competent in handling PR work to promote and publicize special events


● Needs Evaluation● Budget Management● Market Research
● Logistics Handling● Vendor Relations● Materials Preparation
● Proposal Writing● On-site Production● Staff Monitoring

Bachelor of Science in Event Management

Coursework: Financial Accounting ~ Business Management ~ Data Analysis ~ Negotiations and Agreements ~ Event Management ~ Special Event Protocol ~ Weddings & Ceremonies


EVENT PLANET, Brooklyn, NY (6/2015 to 8/2015)
• Interviewed clients to determine their specific event management needs
• Detailed all event management services provided by the company
• Conducted research to look for appropriate venues and spaces for booked events
• Assisted in coordinating services of caterers and decorators
• Maintained event calendar and ensured that all marketing and promotional activities are carried out in a timely manner
• Assisted in the set up and break down of all events

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