Cosmetologist Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: June 16, 2019

While some recruiters prefer a performance summary or professional profile on top of the cosmologist resume, others are in favor of an objective statement.

If you feel that an objective can help you communicate your value better, you should go for it.


As a rule of thumb, objectives work well for resumes of beginners or those individuals who want to change their field.

Customize your objective statement each time you apply for a Cosmetologist position.

An ideal objective statement for cosmetologist resume must draw an exact parallel among the candidate’s profile and the employer’s needs.



Below are some examples of objective statements suitable for a cosmetologist resume.

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Cosmetologist Resume Objective Examples

• Multi-talented and versatile Cosmetologist with 6+ years’ experience in delivering high-quality professional beauty services. Seeking a position with ABC Company in a similar capacity to make the most of my talents.

• Detail-oriented and creative Cosmetologist, seeking a position with AA Salon. Expert in skin care remedial techniques and facial makeup art. Extensive knowledge of skin care product ranges of Matrix, OPI, and Channel. 

• To obtain a Cosmetologist position with Amelia’s Salon. Offering 4-plus-year verifiable track record of skin and hair care provision, hand, and nail care techniques. In-depth knowledge of various hair styling products. Eager to enhance clients’ satisfaction.

• Seeking a Cosmetologist position with GHT Salon. Bringing exceptional hair styling skills and ability to recommend cosmetic products to clients as per their skin type. Track record of consistently enhancing and maintaining client satisfaction through demonstrating knowledge of latest trends in cosmetology.

• To work for Modern Salon as a Cosmetologist. Eager to bring excellence in complete skin, hair, nail, and facial care to clients. Ability to remain up-to-date with the latest styles and fashion trends in the beauty industry.


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