Cosmetologist Resume Skills

Updated on: July 22, 2019

A resume for cosmetologist position is not considered complete unless it has a skills section that highlights a candidate’s ability to manage the work duties he or she will eventually be entrusted with.

The skills that you have gained through work experience, certifications, volunteer work or internships need to be made obvious on a resume, especially if the job that you are applying for is service-oriented – like that of a cosmetologist.

When people decide to consult cosmetologists, they risk a lot as they are at the mercy of the cosmetologist once they are on the procedure chair.

Hence, it is important to find out how skilled a cosmetologist is lest there are complications during beauty regimes.

So, when you apply for a cosmetologist position, make sure that your skills are highlighted properly on your resume.

The skills that you write in a cosmetology resume may be divided into two sections – personal and job related.

While you do not really have to separate them on a resume, you should be able to separate them in your head so you can list them down effectively.

Use of action verbs will lend credibility to your claims, so use them as often as possible.

In a cosmetologist role, you will be tested on your self-confidence, energy level, interpersonal skills, and self-knowledge so you must be able to pinpoint these.

Remember that you cannot write your skills “in the air” – they need to have a solid base. See the following skills phrases to get a better idea.

Sample Skills for Cosmetologist Resume

• Wide breadth of experience in handling cosmetology work on an array of skin and hair types

• Exceptional ability to identify hair and skin issues and provide workable solutions to address concerns

• Superior proficiency in performing complex hair care activities such as shaping, curling, straightening and dyeing, aiming at customer satisfaction

• In-depth knowledge of performing currently popular skincare treatments such as laser and derma therapies

• Able to perform industry competitive hair and skincare regimes such as derma facials and hair mudding

• Excellent marketing abilities aimed at meeting targets set for selling salon’s retail products and up-selling services

• Able to excel in a fast-paced cosmetology environment by employing exceptional knowledge of performing industry competitive hair and skincare activities

• Sound ability to engage clients by asking pertinent questions regarding their need for cosmetology services and retaining customers through exceptional client services and work ethics

• Functional knowledge of providing lashing, tinting and waxing services as per skin types and client pain thresholds

• Comprehensive knowledge of the safe mixing and use of salon products such as hair dyes and bleaches

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