24 Cosmetologist Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: March 4, 2023

A cosmetologist will only be hired after much scrutiny. Why?

Well, clients are a salon’s main treasure, so they have to hire the best people to serve them.

In your interview for a cosmetologist position, you must highlight the different reasons that make you an excellent person to hire.

Talk in sync with the information that you have provided in your resume and cover letter.

Here are some questions (with answers) you might be asked:

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Cosmetologist Interview Questions and Answers

1. Tell me about yourself.
Well, first of all, thank you for inviting me for being interviewed today. I am an experienced cosmetologist with a degree in cosmetology. I have been delivering hair styling and coloring services along with skincare and makeup services satisfactorily for the past 5 years. I am also proficient in providing nail care services.

2. Why did you choose to become a cosmetologist?
I took a lot of interest in applying makeup products and trying new styles of hair and nail. I chose to become a cosmetologist when I started college and then pursued a formal degree in the same field due to my interest.

3. What qualifies you to be a cosmetologist?
My training in cosmetology, expertise in hair cutting, styling, skin toning, makeup, and skin care services along with my interpersonal skills qualify me to be a cosmetologist. Also, I have a track record of success in upselling various cosmetics at my previous workplace via my strong persuasive power.

4. What specific duties have you performed in the role of a cosmetologist?
As a cosmetologist, I have been handling many tasks such as engaging clients in conversation to determine their requirements, checking hair and skin to decide on treatment types, and making preparations for cosmetic procedures. Also, I have been busy cutting, and styling hair, applying makeup, performing massages, and handling skin and hair beauty treatments.

5. As far as administrative work is concerned, what tasks have you performed?
Administrative work such as scheduling appointments, and following up on them is all in a day’s work for me. Creating and maintaining effective liaisons with vendors and suppliers is another area that I have worked in. Performing suggestive selling of salon products is one more task that I have handled.

6. In your opinion, what is the most important skill that one must possess in order to become a successful cosmetologist?
I am of the opinion that cosmetologists must be able to determine the right products and procedures to suit clients’ requirements. Analytic skills are mandatory in order to become successful in this role.

7. Tell us about your achievements that you are very proud of.
Recently, I developed hair extensions that are easy to put in and blend completely with natural hair. The salon where I am presently working is now selling them under its own name and has managed to increase the overall profit of the salon by $4000 per month.
Besides that, I devised a hair curling technique using a simple straightening rod that gave excellent results without having to use the professional curling rod which was more expensive than a straightener. I was highly appreciated of that and the manager asked me to teach it to other staff members as well. They still use it at the saloon.

8. What kind of work environment do you like?
I like a positive, team-oriented environment that’s respectful of all employees and clients and that provides opportunities to grow and thrive.

9. Share a difficult situation you faced and how you handled it.
Last month we were short of staff and it was New Year’s Eve. We canceled a few appointments in time but still, the saloon was full of clients who had confirmed appointments. I filled in for absent colleagues where ever I could I also helped in keeping the clients cool and calm as they waited by frequently apologizing for the delay. It was a difficult day but it wrapped up nicely due to teamwork.

10. How do you keep yourself updated regarding the latest cosmetology techniques?
I follow the latest trends and top stylists’ vlogs on social media and I am also enrolled with various brands that give training regarding new styles to stay updated in my field.

11. What is your favorite part of being a cosmetologist?
My favorite part of this job is the fact that I get to practice all new styles and in this profession, I get various opportunities to learn new fashion and styling techniques launched by different brands for marketing purposes.

12. What do you consider before recommending a hairstyle to a client?
The main thing to consider before recommending is the client’s preference. Other factors to consider include the client’s face cut, eye color, hair texture, and volume.

13. What do you do if a client cannot decide on the hair color they need?
I show them the shade card and use special apps to give them a clear idea of the look they are considering according to their skin tone, eye color, hairstyle, and face cut.

14. How do you maintain your workstation in neat and clean condition?
I clean up after each appointment and make sure all products are returned in their proper places. In my routine, I clean up the floor and recliners, clean up any spills, change gloves and sanitize the workspace regularly and make sure that all soiled aprons are sent to the laundry.

15. What techniques do you use to shape and smooth nail ends?
Buffing and filing are the main techniques to shape and smooth nails. I am well versed in carrying out both of these, especially after manicures.

16. In your opinion, what are the key services offered by cosmetologists?
Services offered by cosmetologists include Makeup application, hair styling and cutting, waxing, skincare, hair coloring, hair straightening, and selling of cosmetic products.

17. What is the biggest challenge in this role?
The biggest challenge in this role is to handle dissatisfied clients. I try to avoid this by discussing the result they want. If still they don’t like the outcome, I try my best to alter it as per their preference.

18. Have you ever recommended a cosmetic product? What are your selling techniques?
I have always been recommending cosmetic products to clients according to their requirements. I have strong convincing power and usually, the clients are very receptive to my recommendations.

19. Where do you get inspiration for trying new techniques?
I follow various fashion magazines and trends and also stay updated with the latest styles and fashion award shows etc. which keeps on giving me unlimited inspiration.

20. What are the 3 basic skin types? Why are these important?
Three basic skin types are dry, oily, and mixed skin type, each type requires a different care routine and different products.

21. Are you a team player?
I am a strong team player and I am always willing to help out my colleagues if they are overworked. It is not possible to succeed in this profession if one is not cooperative.

22. What technique do you enjoy most while styling hair?
My personal favorite is hair setting using a curling rod. I really like to experiment with the size of the curls and adjust the volume according to the face cut.

23. How do you communicate with shy or introverted clients?
Some clients are shy so they fail to communicate their desired style and that leads them to be dissatisfied with the results. For such clients, I invest some time in building rapport, asking them about their preferences, showing them some reference pictures, and giving them the services after ascertaining what they desire.

24. Do you have any plans for the future?
As far as my work is concerned, I have many plans. I want to keep learning the art of makeup and hair, amongst other cosmetology procedures. Eventually, I would like to work in a training capacity.

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