Top 2 Field Engineer Resume Samples

Updated on: March 18, 2021

As the designation suggests, a field engineer is a qualified individual who provides analysis and maintenance support to mobile projects.

Field engineers may work in any capacity depending on what they have been trained in – and their academic background. There are many different duties of a field engineer once he or she is on-site.

This may include leadership and management of engineering staff and service delivery primarily as these two areas are the most important in any field project.

Apart from holding a degree in a relevant engineering field, field engineers are required to be familiar with field project support and controls.

The following resume sample provides a more profound look at what a field engineer career profile should look like.

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Sample Resume for Field Engineer Position

Jason Blade
556 Cherry Road NE, Massillon, OH 77888
(000) 999-9999
[email protected]


Proactive and driven engineer with a strong background in providing support to mobile projects. Proficient in developing the competency to expedite operations. Complete understanding of giving support to specialized engineers at a base location and handling risk analysis tasks.

• Achieved 100% success in choosing and setting up an appropriate site for three oilfield projects within the given deadline
• Held a rigorous training session to teach new hires the mechanics of necessary rig components and associated services within the 3-week timeframe provided
• Provided extreme technical support to a shelved project and brought it back to life in under two weeks
• Reigned in rollercoaster ride spanning seven months of intense hard work on a mobile site to bring a project to fruition


Field Engineer | 2010 – Present
Schlumberger, Massillon, OH
• Represent the company on mobile sites
• Work with engineering staff in order to ensure in time service delivery
• Identify the need for improvement on sites and implement appropriate solutions
• Identify and deal with situations of wasteful nature or inefficient practices
• Supervise hardware installation activities
• Communicate with staff to provide feedback and encouragement
• Perform training sessions for new hires or on newly introduced machinery
• Prepare reports of each project component
• Provide support during times of extreme deadline pressure

EngineeringIntern | 2009 – 2010
United Technologies, Massillon, OH
• Installed hardware and performed onsite analysis and troubleshooting activities
• Assisted with handling diagnosis activities
• Provided support in investigating in-service field events
• Handled correspondence associated with mobile project activities

BE, Mechanical Engineering
Ohio State University, Massillon, OH 

Field Engineer Resume Sample 2

Graham Poker
45 Huntington Avenue
Alexandria, VA 25876
(000) 965-6524
gpoker @ email . com


Performance Summary
Highly energetic Field Engineer with 17+ years of extensive experience in providing basic services and tool operation guidelines at assigned sites. Efficiently applies engineering, mechanical and geological principles to articulate basic data interpretations and mechanical constructs from proprietary software.

• Hands-on experience in providing effective communication regarding continuous improvement initiatives
• Highly skilled in monitoring and recording job progress to ensure all contractor work is performed on time
• Proficient in reconciling future worksites to ensure smooth, timely transitions to next work locations
• Adept at assisting with and directing rigging of equipment, and loading and operating assigned machinery with minimal supervision

Skills & Competencies

  • Service First Mandate
  • Technical Support
  • Equipment Operations
  • Quality Control
  • Logistics Management
  • Data Transmission
  • Site Setup
  • Research
  • Installation Processes
  • Diagnostics and Repair
  • Civil Design
  • Feasibility Studies


Field Engineer
Allworld Project Management, Alexandria, VA
2007 – Present
• Determine project requirements by conferring with clients and members of the engineering team
• Plan and design civil projects such as buildings, roads, bridges, dams, and waste management systems
• Develop construction specifications and procedures and ensure that they are adhered to throughout the process
• Engage in site layout, scheduling, and material procurement, and ensure that quality control measures are implemented
• Perform quantity tracking and cost coding for productivity analysis and cost forecasting purposes
• Provide high-quality and timely solutions to all clients, including system installations and preventative maintenance
• Maintain records of upgrades, repairs, and maintenance activities performed on each project
• Test installed machines to ensure that they are in good working order, ensuring their performance and safety

Selected Accomplishments
• Maintained quality of work at all worksites, at par with established quality control protocols
• Singlehandedly developed a feasibility study for the company’s largest field project, without any external direction

Field Engineer
TRAX, Alexandria, VA
2000 – 2007
• Prepared work sites in sync with other members of the engineering team
• Ascertained that all project-related machinery and tools were available at the site
• Recorded job progress to ensure that all work processes are performed in a timely manner
• Tracked subcontractor manpower and hours and ensured they were properly logged
• Coordinated and checklist-ed materials delivered on sites, ensuring that receipt information was properly logged

Selected Accomplishments
• Successfully diagnosed and timely repaired a part of field equipment, ensuring minimum project downtime
• Simultaneously handled the logistics of 3 projects, successfully providing equal attention to all of them

Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering
Alexandria Technical College, Alexandria, VA | 1999

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