Cover letters have become an indispensable tool used in successful job hunt these days. Since the position of an apartment cleaner is skills based, your cover letter should be built around your skills and related capabilities. However, keep in mind that the purpose of this document is to create a connection with the position. You don’t have to enlist all your skills in the cover letter; the resume is doing that for you. What you need to do is to mention a few skills you possess and demonstrate how the same would be beneficial for the position in question.

Main demands of an apartment cleaning position essentially include familiarity with vacuum cleaners, willingness to dispose off trash, light preventive maintenance, knowledge of safety procedures to be followed while using cleaning chemicals and the like. Make sure the employer sees some of these highlights in the cover letter so s/he can instantly relate you with the available position.


Apartment Cleaner Cover Letter


Neil Jason

876 Salt Sq, Bloomington, IL 78454
Cellular: (005) 333-5555 | Home: (006) 333-7777
neil . jason @ email . com

March 20, 2014

Mr. Gregory Luther
HR Manager
Tulip Apartments
890 Tulip Apartments
Bloomington, IL 78454


Dear Mr. Luther:

If you are seeking an active and energetic apartment cleaner willing to take up extra household tasks as and when required, I am definitely the candidate you are seeking!

Possessing 6 years’ career in cleaning, maintenance and housekeeping, I offer Tulip apartments the following expertise in capacity of an apartment cleaner.

• Familiar with modern cleaning techniques using power and hand tools
• Track record of keeping the assigned area neat and tidy
• Exceptional skills in tile cleaning and furniture polishing
• Ability to read and follow instructions regarding chemical cleaners
• Customer oriented attitude with ability to respond politely and promptly to the customer’s calls and demands
• Well practiced in environment friendly trash disposal techniques
• Team player by heart; known for coordinating tasks with co-workers and managers

I’d welcome an opportunity to meet with you in person to  further establish my relevant skills that could work wonders in enhancing client satisfaction at Tulip Apartments. I can be contacted at (005) 333-5555 to answer any queries regarding my experience and qualification. My resume is also enclosed for your review.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Neil Jason

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