Recess Monitor Job Description (Duties & Tasks)

Updated on: August 12, 2021
Position Overview

Since recess is the time where many children are mostly bullied (or tend to be rowdy), it is important to have a monitor doing the rounds and making sure that every child is safe and that no untoward incident transpires.

The work of a recess monitor is demanding on many levels.

Firstly, they have to look over a large number of students – many schools hire more than one recess monitor to handle the expanse.

Secondly, handling students who may be rowdy and difficult to control is a challenge in itself. Nonetheless, these individuals work tirelessly during the entire school day, trying to get things in order and assisting small children with their meals and outdoor activities.

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Job Reuirements

Typical requirements to work as a recess monitor include a high school diploma or equivalent. However, some academic institutes may prefer hiring individuals who have a degree in child development, psychology or behavioral sciences.

If you have had some experience as a parent volunteer in a school environment or a stint where you worked with children across many age brackets, you may be considered a great pick to work as a recess monitor.

Here is a list of some typical duties that you will be performing as a recess monitor:

Recess Monitor Duties, Tasks, Roles and Responsibilities

• Monitor student behavior during recess periods to ensure safety and acceptable conduct.
• Establish and implement standards of behavioral acceptance and ensure that each student follows it.
• Encourage a harmonious atmosphere by encouraging peaceful resolutions to conflicts.
• Circulate through cafeterias during mealtimes and assist young students in opening their lunch packs and disposing of used packings.
• Direct the clean-up of spills and ensure that all sanitary requirements of the cafeteria are met.
• Assist students through cafeteria lines by ensuring orderly queues and appropriate behavior.
• Direct the movement of students to and from playgrounds, lunchrooms, and activities areas.
• Assess playgrounds for security and report any concerns to the principal or school administration.
• Respond to emergencies such as playground injuries by performing first aid and ensure that any associated paperwork is completed on time.
• Assist in formulating and implementing activities and games, appropriate for each student group.
• Monitor and maintain necessary lunchroom and activities supplies.
• Correct or redirect inappropriate playground or lunchroom behavior and communicate any serious concerns to the management.