Property Manager Resume Sample, Job Description & Skills

Updated on: May 15, 2023

The following sample will help you in writing a good resume for the property manager position.

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Property Manager Resume Sample

Justin Clark
6912 Walnut Drive, Fernley, NV 89075 
(000) 999-4141
justclark @ email . com


Dedicated Property Manager with 9+ years of experience in handling tenant relations, property inspections, and rental determination. Talented in preparing annual property budgets and handling delinquent accounts according to facility protocols. Solid track record of effectively determining financial goals with a desire to operate in the best interest of the owner.

• Able to provide constant vendor/contractor communication regarding scheduling, billing, and certificates of insurance.
• Deeply familiar with handling human resources activities such as hiring and training personnel and conducting ongoing training to ensure the achievement of the property’s operational goals.
• Competent in initiating and implementing policies and procedures to maintain resident communications, including service requests and complaints.

• Rental Rate Recommendations
• Property Inspections
• Leasing and Marketing
• Evictions Handling
• Records Maintenance
• Building Security


Property Manager
Millennia Housing Management, Fernley, NV
7/2021 – Present
• Successfully (and within the parameters of dignity) evict a resident who had not paid his rent in over six months and had refused to vacate the apartment
• Increase interest in the residential building by marketing the premises aggressively, resulting in the increased occupation of apartments
• Train, mentor, and lead personnel to meet the operational, accounting, and custodial needs of the resident building
• Establish rents according to market rates by performing detailed research activities
• Handle oversight of property including systems, procedures, annual reviews, and placement of personnel
• Attract tenants by performing a series of marketing activities and obtaining referrals from current tenants
• Collect rents on designated dates and ensure that all bills are promptly paid

Property Manager
ABC Company, Fernley, NV
5/2018 – 7/2021
• Introduced the concept of “model apartments”, thereby increasing the interest of prospective individuals in renting apartments in the building
• Trained and inducted the entire staff for a residential building just in time for its opening
• Inspected property to ensure its safety and report any untoward incidents such as signs of forced entry or vandalism
• Maintained building systems by hiring and/or contracting services of maintenance and repair staff
• Handled client complaints by ensuring that they are properly investigated and addressed on time
• Maintained budgets by ensuring that all operational work is performed within the set financial allowance

Assistant Property Manager
First Pointe Residential, Fernley, NV
1/2015 – 5/2018
• Assisted in determining rental rates by performing detailed research and compiling findings
• Collected rent within the set time frame decided for each month and follow-up on delinquent accounts
• Provided support in inspecting premises and surroundings to ensure that no nefarious activities were taking place
• Handled inventory management activities by ensuring that all supplies and equipment needed for operational smoothness is available
• Coordinated the efforts of maintenance, repair, and custodial staff to make sure that all repair and maintenance needs of the building are met

Bachelor of Business Administration
Nevada State University, Fernley, NV – 2004

Job Description for Property Manager Resume

  • Collect and record rent from residents and ensure that all accumulated cash/checks are deposited in banks.
  • Ensure that all vacant rooms, apartments, and offices are ready to be occupied immediately.
  • Coordinate cleaning, maintenance, and repair services for each part of the building in a time-efficient manner.
  • Market buildings through appropriate advertisements such as flyers and newspaper listings and attend community events to market them.
  • Coordinate services of vendors to ensure appropriate in-house services.
  • Supervise daily repair and maintenance activities by overseeing the work of housekeeping and custodial staff.
  • Assist managerial staff in creating lease and rent agreements according to each client’s specific information.
  • Build community relations with neighbors and surrounding areas to ensure neighborhood harmony.
  • Create and distribute work schedules for people working within the building, including office staff members and housekeeping personnel.
  • Act as the primary point of contact for queries and problems and ensure that the latter are effectively and quickly resolved.
  • Maintain and balance the log of daily financial activities, including petty cash and bank deposits.
  • File evictions on non-payment and serve notices to residents.
  • Create and submit weekly occupancy reports, petty cash reports, monthly management reports, and waitlists.

Sample Skills for a Property Manager Resume

  • Property operations handling
  • Community relations building
  • Vendors selection
  • Customer service
  • Tenant liaison
  • Rent collection
  • Building cleaning
  • Building maintenance
  • Building safety
  • Fire safety compliance
  • Complaints handling
  • Evictions handling