4 Recess Monitor Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: August 12, 2021

Interviews are challenging prospects only because of the uncertainty associated with them.

Work on getting your point across at the interview table without succumbing to the blows that a potential employer is likely to throw at you.

Go in prepared and you will never have to worry about problems such as low self-confidence or interview jitters. And preparation comes from within.

If you are organized in the head, you will automatically know what steps to take before appearing for an interview. For those of you who are not too comfortable in determining what goes on at interviews, here are a few tips:

  • Always read up on the company for which you are giving the interview by checking websites and social media pages.
  • Research the person who will be taking your interview by calling in to find out who you will be interviewed by.
  • Take time out to read and reread the job description of the position for which you are applying.
  • Practice answering mock questions that you may be asked during the interview process.

The first three, you have to do on your own. The last one, we can help you with.

Here is a set of interview questions and answers designed for a recess monitor position:

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4 Common Recess Monitor Interview Questions and Answers

1. What makes you believe that you are the right choice for us to hire as a recess monitor?

With over 6 years of working as a recess monitor in a large educational facility, I believe that I have developed and polished the skills necessary to work in this position. Owing to an inherent ability to communicate positively with students of all ages, I have been quite successful in handling student-related problems and assisting them with both lunchroom activities and outdoor ones.

2. Are the duties of a recess monitor specific to the lunchroom only?

Absolutely not. A recess monitor is required to handle everything that goes on in hallways, playgrounds, and cafeterias during recess time.

3. Tell us of a time when you came outshining in this role.

A young student happened to choke on a piece of fruit that he had quickly tried to gobble down. Since I was doing the rounds at that time, I quickly managed to dislodge the piece of fruit by grabbing him around the waist, before he could pass out from lack of oxygen. Saving the 7-year-old’s life is perhaps my biggest achievement so far!

4. What are some of the specific duties of a recess monitor, pertaining to safety?

A recess monitor is required to ensure that he creates and implements safety and security plans for hallways, lunchrooms, and play areas. It is his responsibility to ensure that all spills are immediately cleaned, report faulty equipment, tools, and situations, and ensure that student behavior is managed in a way that is not damaging to other students, staff, or school property.