6 Recess Aide Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: December 25, 2022

The dreaded interview can be turned into something that you look forward to – all you have to do is prepare well for it. Preparation makes everything easy, especially if you are nervous about a certain eventuality.

However, preparation is not limited to just the interview questions that you will be bombarded with. It also includes keeping your attitude positive and dressing well for the occasion.

You may have to handle the attitude and dressing part yourself, but we can assist with the recess aide interview questions and answers!

Recess Aide Interview Questions and Answers

1. How is working as a recess aide challenging?
Working as a recess aide is definitely challenging. This is because one has to look after the physical and emotional well-being of young students who are away from a controlled environment. Ensuring that they are properly seated and that they eat well is something even parents have a problem with!

2. Apart from the usual recess aide work, have you performed other duties while working in a previous role?
Yes. Apart from providing assistance to students during recess time, I have assisted lead teachers in handling classrooms during the absence of a teacher’s assistant.

3. What type of work have you performed in a recess aide role in the past?
My main work as a recess aide has been to lead and supervise the activities of students during recess time – both in the play area and cafeteria. Monitoring students to ensure that they eat well and are following table manners, assisting them in obtaining food from the counter, ensuring that any emergencies are handled appropriately, and making sure that all students are led back to their classes safely, all has been part of my work as a recess aide.

4. Speaking of emergencies, have you ever faced one during recess time?
Unfortunately, yes. There was this child who choked on a piece of chicken nugget that he had not chewed properly before swallowing. While he couldn’t call out because of being unable to talk in that condition, I found out the second I saw his face turn all red. I immediately took matters into my own hands and dislodged the offending piece of nugget by pressing his tummy while in an upright position. It was quite a nightmare for a while!

5. Why do you think of school playgrounds and cafeterias as “not controlled environments”?
Let me rephrase what I said – anything outside a class should be considered a partially controlled environment. This is because students have the ability to run around and get curious when they are not in the classroom. It may get a tad difficult for one person to handle 20 children!

6. If you saw that a recreational teacher was indulging young students in what you considered unsafe games, how would you react?
My first instinct would be to talk to the teacher to address my concerns. If the teacher does not provide positive feedback, I would have no choice but to report it to the school authorities.