Looking for some guidance on cover letter writing for a garbage truck driving position?

This page will enable you to write a winning cover letter to accompany your job application and/or resume for the position of a garbage truck driver.

Before starting the letter, make a list of your competencies that might also be stated in the job requirements by the potential employer. These will help you create the most relevant skills to build the main body of the letter.

The following garbage truck driver cover letter sample will help you further.


Sample Cover Letter for Garbage Truck Driver Resume


Anthony Kim
98 Heidi sq
Hood River, OR 93468
(002) 154-1021
anthony @ email . com

January 16, 2014

Mr. Daniel Keith
HR Manager
Hood River Waste Management
89 Ivy Lane
Hood River, OR 93468


Dear Mr. Keith:

If you are looking for an expert garbage truck driver who has a clean driving history, look no more. I offer you the following qualifications and skills:

❖ Class A CDL with an accident-free driving history
❖ Track record of driving garbage trucks, collecting and disposing-off the garbage in a safe and appropriate manner
❖ Effective reading, writing and analytical skills with a profound ability to comprehend and follow instructions quickly
❖ Talented in maintaining log books and inventory records
❖ Proficient in map reading, obtaining route clearance and using GPS navigation

I enthusiastically await an interview to discuss your needs and my relevant driving capabilities in detail. I also intend to visit your office personally in pursuit of this application before this weekend. In the meantime, if you require any additional documents or have any queries, please call me at (002) 154-1021.



Anthony Kim

Encl. Resume