Limousine Driver Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

Updated on: October 29, 2020
Limousine Driver Job Description

Limousine drivers work for dedicated limousine companies where their main responsibility is to make sure that clients are picked and dropped to their destinations on time.

They greet passengers, assist them in embarking and disembarking from limousines, and also provide assistance with luggage. They are also required to handle maintenance and repair on the vehicle that they are driving and to ensure that the vehicle is kept clean and presentable.

Typically, limousine drivers take their orders from dispatchers who provide them with orders on where to go and who to pick up. Since limousines are usually hired for events, it is important for drivers to present themselves in a good manner – how you dress and talk makes a huge difference in how you are perceived by passengers.

Also, limousine drivers are required to provide services to movie stars and the likes of them, so it is extremely important for them to be able to conduct themselves well.

Limousine Driver Duties and Responsibilities

  • Take orders from dispatchers regarding picking up guests and ensure that they are understood properly.
  • Map routes on the GPS to ensure that the shortest and most efficient route is taken.
  • Greet passengers and assist them in embarking on the limousine.
  • Assist in handling luggage by providing support in loading and unloading it.
  • Drive passengers to their destinations and assist passengers in disembarking.
  • Open limousine doors for passengers and provide special assistance to those with special needs such as the elderly.
  • Determine fares depending on distances and the number of stops and calculate payments to be collected.
  • Collect payments from clients and tender change and thank them for their business.
  • Drive limousine back to the docking areas and provide the dispatcher with information on the time and venue where passengers have been dropped off.
  • Keep the limousine clean from the inside and outside by regularly taking it to a detailer.
  • Perform both preventative and regular maintenance on the vehicle such as checking fluids and ensuring that breaks work properly.
  • Ensure that limousines are properly stocked with food and beverages as supplied by the company.
  • Create and submit daily reports by logging in the information of picking and dropping passengers and related payments and receipts.
Limousine Driver Job Requirements

In order to become a limousine driver, you need to possess a high school diploma at the very least or a GED and a valid driver’s license. Good mannerisms and the ability to handle irate passengers are also important.