After School Program Coordinator Job Description

Updated on: February 15, 2021

Modern educators believe that school is not limited to just books and homework; recreational activities are also considered an important part of the learning process.

Since remedial programs are the norm now, many educators prefer that they make them fun so that more students are attracted to them.

After School Program Coordinators are hired to handle after-school programs for the remedial and recreational needs of students.

After school program coordinators work on many levels in order to oversee classes and activities in an afterschool program.

There are many tasks under their job assignments as far as coordinating and planning activities is concerned. They work with lead teachers to determine the need for remedial classes and other physical and mental activities that may prove to be beneficial to students.

As part of their work, these professionals use different strategies to support the social and emotional development of students enrolled in their classes. They promote positive behavior and assist students in carrying out the different activities assigned to them.

They also oversee the evaluation of each module of the afterschool program and suggest possible and needed modifications.


The following list of duties will provide you with a better idea of what an after-school program coordinator does:

After School Program Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities

  • Confer with lead and assistant teachers to determine a class’s need for remedial classes
  • Plan afterschool programs to cater to the individual needs of students enrolled in the program
  • Develop curriculum for remedial classes and other activities
  • Implement the curriculum by creating appropriate lesson plans and imparting them in a strategic manner
  • Make presentations for the students so that they can understand what is to be expected of them during the course of the program
  • Develop and implement procedures and policies for afterschool programs
  • Ensure and encourage positive student behavior through modeling
  • Interview and hire instructors to provide sustenance to the afterschool program
  • Make sure that each instructor is provided with guidelines for his or her lesson
  • Establish communication between school management and students
  • Evaluate students on the basis of their ability to handle information
  • Document findings of the evaluations and discuss the same with parents
  • Maintain records of students enrolled in the afterschool program in a confidential manner
  • Implement emergency procedures when necessary
  • Identify student misconduct and attempt to correct it
  • Check that all program areas are kept neat and clean at all times

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