Chances are that you will encounter a tractor trailer at least once a day whether you are driving on a freeway or inside the city. Ever wondered what these tractor trailers do? Well, they deliver goods from one place to another. The question isn’t what a tractor trailer does but rather, what a tractor trailer driver does! Tractor trailer drivers drive tractor trailers from a point of origin to the destination in order to deliver goods. By far, this is the most inexpensive method of delivering materials and goods which is why it is widely used.

Tractor trailer drivers are specialized in driving huge vehicles. They are required to chart out the best possible routes to their destinations and are responsible for delivering goods in a safe manner. They do not only drive these vehicles but are also responsible for managing the safety of the goods and of course, maintain the vehicle that they are driving.

Since tractor trailer drivers drive huge vehicles, they are expected to be at least 21 years of age and possess a commercial driving license. Seasoned drivers are of course preferred for this position as they are familiar with handling proper routes. If this is a position that interests you, you may also be interested in the following list of duties that a tractor trailer driver performs:

Tractor Trailer Driver Job Description and Responsibilities

• Check vehicle prior to each assignment to ensure safety
• Make sure that the vehicle is fueled properly
• Ensure tire pressure is accurate and greasing is done appropriately
• Hook trailers to tractors prior to setting out
• Maneuver the trailer in loading and unloading positions
• Take instructions for delivery and assist loaders in loading and unloading goods onto the trailer
• Ensure that all related paperwork is present before setting out to the delivery destination
• Use GPS or maps to determine destination distances
• Chart out best possible route to reach the destination
• Drive the tractor trailer to the destination in a safe manner
• Ensure the safety of goods being carried on the trailer
• Make sure that the items are secured properly
• Perform inventory and inspection of goods to ensure standardization
• Assist in unlading items at the destination
• Obtain signatures from recipient
• Perform maintenance checks such as adding oil or radiator fluid
• Handle minor repairs on the vehicle
• Couple and uncouple trailers using standard methods
• Clean trailers and tractors after each delivery
• Install or remove snow tires and graders when the need arises