Shuttle Bus Driver Job Description for Resume

Updated on: April 27, 2022
Position Overview

Shuttle buses run on designated routes between certain points, with minimal or no stops.

Shuttle bus drivers provide speedy driving services on predefined routes. Since shuttle buses run only on the routes that they are specified for, their passengers are often limited.

Shuttle bus drivers are required to drive buses between airports and hotels and specified tourist locations (and vice versa) or between small towns.

Some shuttle bus services also run within large communities, such as university campus grounds. Depending on what a shuttle bus driver’s route is, he or she needs to know how to chart out the best (and shortest) way to a destination.

Skills and Knowledge

The use of conventional maps and GPS is important in this work.

Although a shuttle bus driver will drive along one route on an everyday basis, it is important for him to be able to chart out alternative routes during rush hours or emergencies.

Education and Training

To qualify to work as a shuttle bus driver, you do not need more than a high school diploma – some companies do not even require that.

What all shuttle bus companies do require is that drivers are trained through rigorous programs, involving company procedures, vehicle operations, and safety processes.

Apart from holding a bus driving license, a shuttle bus driver needs to possess a safe driving record as well.


Shuttle bus drivers need to possess a bus driving license and they have to be knowledgeable of local streets and landmarks.

Job Description for Shuttle Bus Driver Resume

• Transport guests or students from assigned places such as airports, hotels, or educational campuses to predefined destinations.

• Provide passengers with information on where they will need to disembark and how they can get further transportation from there.

• Assist passengers in loading and unloading their luggage and help disabled or elderly passengers in climbing up shuttle-bus steps.

• Drive shuttle bus on the predefined route, by charting out the best possible route on maps or GPS.

• Ascertain that the shuttle bus is cleaned at the end of each “drop time” and fuelled up properly at the end of the day.

• Perform preventative and general maintenance on the bus by ensuring that vehicular fluids are topped up and tire pressure is accurate.

• Change tires in the event of punctures or tire bursts and ensure that spare tires are in good condition.

• Assist in washing shuttle buses and ensure that they are ready at the designated time each day.

• Greet passengers and engage them in conversation in a bid to make them feel welcomed.

• Turn in lost/found items to the shuttle service company and keep a lookout for suspicious activities on the bus.