School Bus Driver Resume Sample

Updated on March 6, 2018

School bus drivers drive school buses on a predefined route.

They pick up students from designated places and drop them off at school on a routine basis and vice versa.

There are some other responsibilities that school bus drivers are expected to perform which they will be supposed to write in a resume when applying for a job. Let us see how this is done.

Tip: Create a simple and to the point school driver resume in a logical format and highlight key points in bullet form.

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School Bus Driver Resume Sample


Charles Hardy

90 King Jr. Boulevard, Tuscaloosa, AL 25144
(900) 999-9999, Email

School Bus Driver

Seeking a School Bus Driver position with the King’s Elementary School. Eager to provide safe and efficient transportation service to the school children.

• Over 10 years of experience in light and heavy vehicle driving
• Committed to ensuring passengers’ safety at all times
• Effectively advise students and reinforce regulations
• In-depth knowledge of assisting students in safe loading and unloading from the bus
• Demonstrated ability to perform emergency roadside repairs

• Class B Drivers License with School Bus Endorsement
• CPR & First Aid Certified

• Conducted emergency drills with students and teachers to cater to emergency situations.
• Created route sheets for all school bus drivers to follow straight routes to required destinations.


Nashville High School, Tuscaloosa, AL | May 2010 – Present
School Bus Driver
• Drive school bus according to designated schedule.
• Assist students and teachers off and on the bus.
• Provide information on safety measures to be taken into account.
• Maintain fluid levels in the bus and check for defects in the engine and tires.
• Perform pre-trip and post-trip inspections.
• Respond to inquiries from students and parents.

Airgas Inc. – Corpus Christi, TX | Jan 2007 – Feb 2010
Delivery Driver
• Handled loading, unloading and delivering procedures of merchandise.
• Drove truck to destination.
• Prepared receipts for load picked up.
• Maintained log book.
• Inspected truck parts including tires, lights, and brakes.
• Maintained radio contact to receive delivery instructions from area office.

Corpus Christi City School, Corpus Christi, TX | 2006
High School Diploma

• Excellent driving record
• Proven ability to drive in inclement weather conditions
• Able to communicate via the two-way radio device
• Good attention to details
• Able to understand and carry out written instructions
• Excellent problem-solving skills

“I am committed to the safety of students at all times.”

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