School Bus Driver Resume Sample and Template

Updated on: July 21, 2020

School bus drivers drive school buses on a predefined route. They pick up students from designated places and drop them off at school on a routine basis.

In order to get a position as a school bus driver, the job seeker will need to write a professional resume. The following tips and a sample resume will guide you on how to write an excellent resume.

How to Write a Resume for School Bus Driver?

  1. Start your resume with a school bus driver’s objective or summary statement.
  2. Include only relevant driving experiences and professional bus driving skills.
  3. Use professional language that is meaningful to your readers.
  4. Use common words and simple phrases.
  5. Avoid including photo, date of birth, and social insurance number.
  6. Create a simple and to the point document in a logical format.
  7. Highlight key points under different sections in bullet form.

Sample Resume for School Bus Driver

Charles Hardy
90 King Jr. Boulevard, Tuscaloosa, AL 25144
(000) 854-5421


Poised to provide safe and efficient transportation service to the children.

Passionate and reliable School Bus Driver with 7+ years of hands-on experience in transporting passengers and students in a very safe manner. Well versed with state and federal DOT regulations. Strong work ethic and cool temperament. Excellent driving record.

• Committed to ensuring students’ safety at all times.
• Effectively advise students and reinforce regulations.
• Assisting students in safe embarking and disembarking from the school bus.
• Demonstrated ability to perform emergency roadside repairs.

• Class B Drivers License with School Bus Endorsement
• CPR & First Aid Certified

• Conducted emergency drills with students and teachers to cater to emergencies.
• Created route sheets for all school bus drivers to follow straight routes to required destinations.


School Bus Driver
Nashville High School, Tuscaloosa, AL
May 2016 – Present
• Drive the school bus on the designated routes.
• Assist students and teachers off and on the bus.
• Provide information on safety measures to be taken into account.
• Maintain fluid levels in the bus and check for defects in the engine and tires.
• Perform pre-trip and post-trip inspections.
• Respond to inquiries from students and parents.

Delivery Driver
Airgas Inc. – Corpus Christi, TX
Jan 2011 – May 2016
• Handled loading, unloading, and delivering procedures of merchandise.
• Drove the truck to the destination.
• Prepared receipts for load picked up.
• Maintained log book.
• Inspected truck parts including tires, lights, and brakes.
• Maintained a radio contact to receive delivery instructions from the area office.

High School Diploma
Corpus Christi City School, Corpus Christi, TX | 2006

• Proven ability to drive in inclement weather conditions
• Able to communicate via the two-way radio device
• Good attention to detail
• Able to understand written instructions
• Excellent problem-solving skills

“I am committed to the safety of students at all times.”

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