Bus Driver Skills and Qualifications for Resume

Updated on: August 11, 2020

Skills and qualifications for any position are important. However, they are more important in the case of a bus driver who has a lot of responsibility on his shoulders.

As a bus driver, you should possess skills in driving in a safe manner, as well as maintaining assigned buses. Equally important is to show these skills and qualifications in a resume.

Typically, a bus driver’s qualifications include experience in driving the school or passenger buses. Specifically, a bus driver should possess some or all of the skills and qualifications listed below. These skills will be useful to build a bus driver resume or bus driver cover letter.

Sample Skills and Qualifications for a Bus Driver

• Highly experienced in checking bus tires and lights prior to setting out.

• Effectively able to drive buses on assigned routes.

• Deeply familiar with assisting passengers to embark, as well as disembark from buses.

• Demonstrated expertise in picking up and dropping children and young adults in a safe manner.

• Competent in observing speed limits as well as traffic regulations and laws.

• Able to explain safety procedures to passengers, especially children.

• Documented success in mapping out short and effective routes to destinations.

• Proven ability to drive buses in rush hours.

• Solid track record of effectively dealing with unruly passengers.

• Proficient in collecting fares and swiping transit cards.

• Adept at using the GPS and standard maps in order to chart out intercity routes.

• Well-versed in performing maintenance on trucks, for example, checking oil levels, and tire pressure.

• Focused on observing rules in order to ensure timely and safe passenger transport.

• Expert at carrying out safety checks prior to setting out on designated routes.

• Highly skilled in handling adverse situations

• Talented in ensuring that bus cabs are kept clean and maintained at all times.

• Ability to ensure compliance with rules governing driving hours and rest periods.

• Proven ability to maintain constant contact with dispatchers.

• Track record of handling on-road issues such as breakdowns and flat tires.

• Deeply familiar with handling and addressing passengers’ complaints according to protocol.

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