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Local Delivery Driver Job Description and Duties

Position Overview The basic work of a local delivery driver is to deliver goods within a city or area. The work is straightforward but not unchallenging. One has to be on one’s feet at all times, delivering items on time, and at the right place. Educational Requirements In order to work as a local delivery… Read More »

Entry Level Dump Truck Driver Resume With No Experience

A newly trained dump truck driver should write a resume to impress it upon the hiring manager that they are ready for the job. In the resume, it is imperative to highlight your skills and abilities, and any volunteer experienced that you may have held. It is also important to highlight your personality through impressively… Read More »

Entry Level Dump Truck Driver Cover Letter With No Experience

If you are new to the dump truck driving world, you will need to write a cover letter to pique the hiring manager’s interest. As a dump truck driver with no experience, your cover letter should focus on your license and driving skills. Primarily, it should highlight the fact that you are a passionate driver,… Read More »

Pizza Hut Delivery Driver Skills

Pizza Hut is one of the giants of the fast food industry worldwide. It goes without saying that delivery drivers hired by the chain have to be exceptionally skilled in what they do.   After all, delivery drivers are representatives of the chain. If you are hoping to apply for a delivery driver position at… Read More »

Pizza Hut Delivery Driver Resume Sample

Pizza Hut hires the best delivery drivers. That is why it is important for candidates to create a resume which is excellently written.   As a candidate, it is important that you highlight the right information in a pizza hut delivery driver resume, such as your knowledge of mapping short routes, and delivering pizza fresh, and… Read More »