Long Haul Truck Driver Job Description for Resume

Updated on: February 21, 2021
Long Haul Truck Driver Job Description

Spending weeks continually on the road is not an easy job but many people enjoy driving this as a career.

Long-haul truck drivers cover hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles to deliver goods worth millions of dollars between cities and states and sometimes even between countries.

It is not only difficult to work because they spend so much time driving but also because they can only return home once they have delivered the goods entrusted to them – and then there is a long way back home!

They pick up freight from a designated place and are responsible for delivering it to its destination in a time-efficient manner.

Long-haul truck drivers assist loaders with loading goods onto the truck and ensure that they are stacked properly.

It is also their duty to make sure that the goods are piled up in a secure manner so that they do not accidentally fall and get damaged en route.

There is so much more to a long-haul truck driver’s work than this; have a look at some of the more important duties that are particular to this position.

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Sample Job Description for Long Haul Truck Driver Resume

  • Assist in loading goods on the truck and ensure that they are stacked and secured properly
  • Take inventory of loaded goods in order to make sure that the correct quantity is loaded
  • Ensure that any damaged products are reported and documented properly
  • Secure the back of the truck properly before setting off
  • Transport goods over long distances; check on cargo at every stop during the long haul
  • Make sure that the truck is in proper working condition before setting off
  • Perform regular and preventative maintenance on the truck prior to setting off
  • Check tire pressure and ensure that there is enough fuel
  • Perform any repairs that may need to carry out especially during a roadside emergency
  • Use GPS and/or maps to chart out the best route which is time and fuel-efficient
  • Ensure that all documentation pertaining to traveling between states or countries is in order
  • Record freight information along with distance traveled and fuel consumption
  • Ensure that goods are delivered to the right destination
  • Assist with unloading goods and ensure quantity checks
  • Obtain signatures from the party to whom the goods have been delivered to
Long Haul Truck Driver Required Abilities and Job Scope

Long-haul truck drivers need to be able to drive heavy-duty trucks for long periods of time; they need to be very agile with a great ability to sit and drive for long hours.

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