Top 18 Garbage Truck Driver Skills, Abilities, and Qualifications

Updated on: February 15, 2021

You cannot work as a garbage truck driver unless you are a skilled individual.

A hiring manager will check your skills and qualifications when skimming through the cover letter and resume, and during the interview as well.

Typically, a hiring manager would want to hire someone who is a careful driver and can efficiently drive and operate a dump/garbage truck.

Therefore, you will need to tell the hiring manager that you are aware of hazards that may come your way, and can effectively manage them.

You must also focus on your knowledge of repairing and maintaining garbage trucks.

Since employers will depend on you to get their work done in a clean, safe, and quick manner, you must show that you possess an inherent ability to do this.

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The capability to operate heavy diesel front-loading commercial refuse collection trucks must be made obvious if you want to be hired.

If you want a run-through of skills that are needed to work as a garbage truck driver, refer to the following list:

Garbage Truck Driver Skills, Abilities, and Qualifications

  1. Demonstrated expertise in checking assigned garbage trucks for problems before going on trips
  2. Highly skilled in operating dumping and picking functions
  3. Exceptionally well-versed in plotting the right routes in order to ensure timely garbage delivery to dumps
  4. Skilled in operating trucks in order to pick garbage from different locations
  5. Knowledgeable about placing different types of garbage, for example, plastic, metal, and paper in different truck compartments
  6. Proficient in adhering to waste management safety protocols and regulations
  7. Adept at safely driving garbage trucks to dump or recycling zones
  8. Talented in reporting malfunctions and issues to supervisors and dispatchers
  9. Competent in operating equipment in order to compress garbage Qualified to dismount and mount trucks to collect and dispose of garbage
  10. Unmatched ability to calculate estimated times to destinations
  11. Hands-on experience in informing residents of any problems with trash bins, and their labeling
  12. In-depth knowledge of cleaning and sanitizing garbage trucks on a regular basis
  13. Documented success in repairing and maintaining assigned trucks on a periodic basis
  14. Experienced in create and maintain driving and haul log sheets according to the protocol
  15. Proven ability to clean up waste spills, and ensuring that trash bins are properly placed
  16. Well-versed in inspecting trucks for fuel and oils before and after each trip
  17. Familiar with safety rules and regulations 
  18. In-depth knowledge of protocols governing accidents, injuries, and mechanical faults

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