IT Project Coordinator Job Description, Duties & Tasks

Updated February 21, 2021
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IT Project Coordinator Job Description

Information technology project coordinators perform a huge array of duties that support the success of a project.

Their work is both administrative and managerial in nature and is highly technical as well.

They handle application development activities, system upgrades, and technology outsourcing – the focus of their work is actually dependant on specific duties that are assigned to them by a director.

As part of their work, IT project coordinators create and maintain project plans and ensure proper execution.

They are also entrusted with handling project budgets and mitigating risks associated with individual projects and ensuring that projects are completed and delivered in a timely manner.

Since they work in a technical environment, they are required to make sure that all aspects that govern the success of an information technology project are coordinated properly.

Besides, they organize the different facets of a project so that the technical teams can work in an efficient manner and that the project goals are met.


IT Project Coordinator Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develop IT project specifications and ensure that each project is conducive to the supplied specifications
  • Assist in project prioritization and resource allocation by providing technical support
  • Research and collect data necessary for each project and evaluate the outcome of project information
  • Maintain and oversee project plans to ensure that they are in conformity to the original instructions
  • Identify project risks and issues and take appropriate measures to ensure that they are addressed
  • Maintain project risks and defects logs
  • Determine project benchmark figures to ensure proper implementation
  • Produce technical and business feasibility reports for each proposed IT project
  • Handle personnel utilization by determining responsibilities and accountabilities
  • Define project goals, milestones, and resource planning as part of project progress planning
  • Assist in developing marketing strategies for each proposed and completed information technology project
  • Determine and document interim results and ensure appropriate documentation
  • Carry out project reviews at the end of each project and draw up a final project report
  • Analyze project experiences by highlighting best and worst practices during the course of each project
  • Prepare and present presentations on proposed projects in order to provide key players with important information
IT Project Coordinator Educational Requirements

IT project coordinators need to possess a strong background in information technology as they work with technical personnel all the time.

A degree in IT is a prerequisite for this position as is some experience working in a similar capacity.

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