It is highly recommended to equip your resume with a highly convincing cover letter. The cover letter for long haul truck driver position will determine whether or not the employer will spare a minute or two to go through your resume and consider you for the job. Since the cover letter is your chance of having a go for the position, it requires fine work and polishing.

First and foremost, your cover letter must be employer centered, so the employer can easily see the relevance among your profile and the position in question. Secondly, the letter must be convincing enough to call for immediate action and lastly, a cover letter needs to be very compact, not more than a page long in any case.

Following is a sample cover letter for long haul truck driver resume.


Long Haul Truck Driver Cover Letter Sample


654 Dennis Square
Boston, MA 47556

February 13, 2015

Mr. David Foster
Super Freights
89 Devonshire Ave
Boston, MA 47556


Dear Mr. Foster:

With my great physical stamina and command over a driving a diverse range of heavy vehicles, I offer my services at Super Freights in the capacity of Long Haul Truck Driver.

Following are some highlights of my competencies which perfectly align to your job description:

• Well versed in handling operational pickups for loading and unloading the truck
• Special talent for using GPS navigation for route selection
• Track record of driving up to 20 wheeler vehicles on long and short routes safely
• Familiar with transporting hazardous materials in keeping with federally issued safety regulations
• Documented success in conducting precautionary maintenance of the vehicles
• Knowledge of maintaining logs

Having stated above, I believe my profile remarkably caters to your expectations Long Haul Truck Driver. I’ll call your office later this week to secure an interview time and date of your convenience. In the interim, I’d be glad to answer any queries or provide any documents you may require.



Julian Derrick
(003) 444-6661
julian @ email . com

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