Bus Driver Resignation Letter Sample & Writing Guide

Updated on: October 29, 2020

A resignation letter is nothing more than a single page document that outlines why you are leaving a job and how you intend to make sure that the company isn’t affected by your decision to leave.

Resigning from a bus driver position in a professional manner will leave a lot of room for re-employment. A well-written resignation letter is sure to smooth the way for you when you are trying to obtain another position, as it will mean that you will surely gain respect and a recommendation along with it. It is never a good idea to just up and leave a job without informing your supervisor.

How to Write a Good Bus Driver Resignation Letter?

It will include information about when you want to leave, how you intend to train the person who will be replacing you and niceties about your time at the company – even if you haven’t really had such a great time! Yes, you cannot write unpleasant things in a resignation letter, so it is best to concentrate on the good times that you had and move on!

Resignation letters can be considered the easiest or the hardest documents to prepare, depending on your association with the organization. If you want to make the process easy, you can refer to a well-written resignation letter sample, like the one provided below:

Bus Driver Sample Resignation Letter Sample

Dustin Moore
NW 652 Maple Street
Philadelphia, PA 41241
(000) 851-8031
dustin @ email . com

October 29, 2020

Ms. Wilma Roberts
Partnership Schools Community
52 Stout Road
Philadelphia, PA 56970

Dear Ms. Robertson:

It is with great regret that I have finally come to the decision of resigning from my job as a bus driver for the Partnership Schools Community. Had I a choice, I would never leave, especially since it is the middle of the term. However, some personal issues have forced me to take this decision. Please note that this is two weeks’ notice. November 11 will be my last working day.

As I mentioned, some personal issues are keeping me from staying back and completing this school term. Working as a bus driver requires concentration and I do not want to come to a point when I am unable to focus on my work – the safety of students is my highest priority and I do not want to compromise that.

Please let me know if you have anyone in mind who you would like me to train in my place. I do have a recommendation if you are unable to find a bus driver at this short notice. I appreciate the training and the perfect environment you provided me with and I anticipate returning to this school soon.

Thank you for understanding my predicament.


Dustin Moore