Deckhand Resume Sample

Updated on: June 12, 2018


Writing a resume may seem difficult to the person who doesn’t know how to place information into it. Don’t fret.

Take a look at the sample below for help:




Deckhand Resume Example



Scott Byron
88 Tenth Road, Lexington, KY69021
(000) 999-9999


12+ years of hands-on experience in assisting with the maintenance and operation of assigned marine vessels. Effectively able to inspect decks and surrounding areas, to ensure that they are safe for passengers and crew members. Proficient in responding to and rendering aid in safety situations, including fires and man overboard incidents.


• Vessel Safety • Inspection • Emergency Response
• Fare Collection • Passenger Interaction • Freight Oversight
• Manifest Management • Anchor Tending • Cleaning and Maintenance
• Repair Work • Lifeboats Painting • Controls Handling

• Increased the safety of passengers, by implementing a warning system on restricted areas within the vessel.
• Implemented a new fare collection system, which proved to be 55% more efficient than the already being followed.
• Saved the lives of all passengers during an emergent situation, requiring immediate vessel evacuation.
• Introduced a series of ways in which vessel safety could be increased, which was well-received by the management.


Seaward Services Inc., Lexington, KY                       2011-present
• Sweep and wash decks, ensuring that proper warning signs are erected to ensure passenger safety
• Lower and man lifeboats, in cases of emergencies, focusing on the safety and wellbeing of passengers
• Assist in the preparation of barges of the loading and unloading of items at ports
• Build and break tow by using lines, wires, ratchets, and stationary winches
• Handle a wide variety of tasks including housekeeping, painting, chipping, and assistance in placing locks
• Lift and move heavy objects from one place to another as part of the cargo handling process
• Move control, and turn handwheels, aimed at lowering or raising passengers or vehicles
• Perform preventative and regular maintenance on machinery and equipment, in sync with provided orders

Deckhand Aide
Delta Marine Services, Lexington, KY                     2006-2011
• Assisted in cleaning decks by washing and disinfecting them, following set instructions
• Provided support in emergency situations such as fires, and man overboard incidents
• Performed minor repair and maintenance work onboard, according to established guidelines
• Assisted in lubricating machinery and equipment used in performing maintenance work
• Toured decks during assigned watches to caution patients engaged in unsafe practices

High School Diploma
St. Peter’s High School, Lexington, KY                2005