Limo Driver Job Description and Duties

Updated on: October 29, 2020

Limo Driver Job Description

Limo drivers are in a league of their own. While they provide the regular services of a driver, their work is more “high-end” than that of a regular driver.

Specifically working for companies that rent out limo services to clients with celebrity statuses attached to them, these people are required to be the epitome of pleasantness and good customer service.

But it is not just celebrities who obtain the services of a limo driver. Limousine drivers provide services at weddings and parties also. Their main job is to make sure that they pick up their clients on time and drop them to their destinations in a safe manner.

Furthermore, the capability to perform preventative and regular maintenance on Limousines is of the utmost importance here – let’s face it, Limousines are expensive vehicles and they have to be kept under observation as much as possible.

 Here is a list of job duties that are particular to a limo driver’s position:

Limo Driver Duties and Responsibilities

  • Comprehend work orders regarding picking and dropping clients to their destinations.
  • Prepare assigned Limousines to be driven to pick clients up.
  • Drive assigned vehicles to clients’ homes and assist them in embarking on the Limousine.
  • Assist clients in loading their luggage by ensuring the safety of items.
  • Map appropriate routes using GPS and standard maps to ensure the shortest and safest way to destinations.
  • Use knowledge of local roads and signs to avoid traffic areas.
  • Respond to inquiries regarding sightseeing and popular city places while en-route to destinations.
  • Open limo doors and assist clients in disembarking and provide support in unloading their luggage.
  • Accept payment for services rendered and ensure that any change in tendered and receipts are issued.
  • Provide feedback to the supervisors regarding pick-ups and drop-offs and create and maintain limo run logs.
  • Ensure that the assigned limo is timely fueled and that all fluids are at the required levels.
  • Clean and maintain assigned limos from the inside and the outside to maintain a constantly polished look.
  • Perform preventative maintenance such as tire rotation and oil changes.
  • Determine needed repairs and ensure that they are communicated to the supervisor in a time-efficient manner.
Limo Driver Education, License & Skills

Limo drivers do not have to possess more than a high school diploma, but they do need to possess a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record.

Additionally, they need to possess great patience and presence of mind. The ability to map routes using technology such as GPS and conventional maps is also important.