Cover Letter for Limousine Driver Resume

Updated on: April 5, 2022

Limousine drivers are usually hired by limousine rental services. 

Apart from driving a limo, they are required to perform many additional duties such as assisting passengers with their luggage and providing them with excellent services.

A limo driver wanting to get a job needs to write a resume along with a supporting cover letter.

Look at the example below to create a compelling cover letter for a Limousine Driver job application and resume.

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 Limousine Driver Cover Letter Sample

John Smith
10 Polk Drive
Wharton, NJ 72523
(000) 111-1211

April 5, 2022

Mr. Jason Scott
Manager HR
Lima Limo Services
54 Openaki Road
Wharton, NJ 62524

Dear Mr. Scott:

As a hard-working individual with a verifiable track record of safe driving, I am just the right candidate for the position as a Limousine Driver at Lima Limo Services. The job description that you have provided for this position aligns very well with my qualifications, and I would like to contribute my expertise to the growth of your organization.

I possess a valid commercial driver’s license and enjoy my ability to navigate efficiently. Working as a limousine driver for over five years has instilled in me the capacity to work diligently in a customer-oriented environment. I comprehend the need for assisting passengers safely off and on the vehicle and to help them with loading and unloading their luggage. Moreover, I am a defensive driver and keep a keen eye for inclement weather so that I may modify my driving techniques accordingly.

The enclosed resume will provide you with further information regarding my driving expertise. I am available for an immediate interview and can be reached any time at (000) 111-1211. I appreciate your time and consideration.


John Smith