Limo Driver Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: July 13, 2020

As a limo driver who is seeking a new job, your focus should always be on writing a Limo Driver cover letter that is relevant to the requirements of the prospective employer.

Any irrelevant information will work against you. When hiring managers create an ad for a limo driver position, they have a definite idea in mind – an idea on what the perfect candidate should be. If you fit that “idea”, you will be hired. Wouldn’t that be just the perfect situation?

The emphasis here is on writing a Limo Driver cover letter that is of high quality where content is concerned.

Remember that you cannot afford to lose out on a job, especially in these times when job uncertainty is on the rise, due to failing economies.

Everything depends on your Limo Driver cover letter. The limo driver resume will help but it is your cover letter that will move things ahead for you.

Here is an example that you can use to write your own cover letter:

Sample Cover Letter for Limo Driver

568 7th Street, #33
Cranston, RI 21054

July 13, 2020

Mr. Frank Cooper
Hiring Manager
The Limo Providers
9600 Cypress Road
Cranston, RI 09713

Dear Mr. Cooper:

Driving a Limousine is different from driving a regular car. And who knows this better than a driver who initially began his career as a taxi driver, and quickly worked his way up to providing driving services to a high-end Limousine services company?

Please refer to the following qualifications that I have, which I am positive will be of interest to you, as the requirements that you have mentioned in your advertisement are spot on with them:

  1. 7+ years’ hands-on experience in driving Limousines with a special talent in maneuvering them on sharp road bends.
  2. Highly skilled in performing preventative maintenance on assigned Limousines to ensure that they are kept in good working order at all times.
  3. Customer service-oriented individual who has a special focus on ensuring return business through a friendly and professional attitude.

I am positive that my experience and talents will be useful to you. I will call you soon to discuss the possibility of an interview. I may be contacted at (000) 555-1254 if any further details required.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Gregory Till

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