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Updated April 9, 2019

A career objective for a delivery driver position, if written smartly, is an impressive way to capture the attention of the reader.

Below is a description of what a career objective should be as compared to what it should not be.


A delivery driver career objective is a short statement, communicating the skills and qualifications you possess and how these can help the firm in achieving its goals.

It must not include what you expect or desire from the position. It has to be the employer-focused in order to be effective.

A professional career objective essentially mentions the number of years of experience you offer along with the qualities and expertise that give you an edge over your competitors.



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Remember the job of an objective is to convince the reader straight away that you are a viable candidate and your resume is worth a detailed look followed by an interview.

Below are some examples of career objectives for a delivery driver resume.


Delivery Driver Objective Examples

• Seeking a delivery driver position with KR Logistics. Bringing a decade of experience in route setting, obtaining road clearances and making safe and timely merchandise deliveries.

• Looking for delivery driver job with ABC Logistics, where a positive attitude and competence in safely loading, unloading and delivering fragile and hazardous material could come in handy.

• To secure a delivery driver position with ABC Company utilizing skills in GPS navigation, extensive knowledge of NHA laws regarding commercial driving and demonstrated customer service orientation.


As you will note, the above examples begin with the name of the position being sought and then state what the candidate offers.

While this format is quite popular till date, a more progressive way to state your career objective is to put what you offer on the table first and then elaborate what makes you an ideal candidate for the position at hand.

Some examples follow:


• Dependable CDL driver with 6+ years of experience in map reading, GPS based route tracking, safe loading, and unloading of merchandise and accurate log keeping. Willing to join ABC logistics in the capacity of a delivery driver.

• Diligent and precise delivery driver seeking a delivery driver position with We Deliver. Familiar with DOT requirements applicable to commercial driving. Track record of making safe and timely deliveries in a courteous manner in combination with demonstrated ability to maintain the vehicle.

• Experienced and highly dexterous delivery driver offering expertise in customer dealing, record keeping, loading and unloading of goods and vehicle maintenance. Seeking to join the team of ABC Logistics.

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