Transit Bus Driver Resume Sample

Updated on: November 27, 2015

Overview and Guidelines

One common mistake in a transit driver resume; we all end up making is underselling our experiences and qualifications, thus reducing the chance of hearing back from the employer. To write a strong, action-oriented resume, focus on including not only what you did but how you did it and why. If you are talking about customer services, you should not only say that you provided customer services – you need to word your sentence like this: resolved customers’ problems and communicated financial planning information…

Notice the difference? This difference is what will get you the transit driver job. A resume should look like this:


Transit Bus Driver Resume Sample


Walter Hoffman

8795 Planet Road ● Newark, DE 89711 ● (000) 748-7454 ● walt.hoff @ email . com



Performance Summary: 11+ years’ progressive experience in driving transit vehicles such as mini-buses, low-floor buses and double-deckers over specified routes, in sync with set schedules. Adept at handling vehicle maintenance to ensure engine and body longevity, charting short and safe routes using conventional maps and the GPS, managing road and on-board emergencies such as accidents and medical crisis using tact and good sense and ensuring passenger safety and comfort.


• Route Mapping • Public Address System Use
• Alternate Route Mapping • Vehicle Maintenance and Repair
• First Aid and CPR • Vehicle Inspection
• Route Traversing • Boarding Assistance
• Special Needs Assistance • Safety Procedures
• Schedule Adherence • Crisis Management

• Continuously met tour deadlines (3 hours round trip) for consecutive years
• Saved passengers from a near-calamity by maneuvering the transit bus through treacherous terrain during a hurricane
• Reduced time to reach 5 destinations (a total save of 3 hours a day) by mapping alternative routes on the GPS
• Suggested making the transit bus disabled people friendly which increased regular passenger base by 44%


Transit Bus Driver | FIRST TRANSIT, Newark, DE (5/2009 to Present)

• Greet passengers as they board and assist them in embarking and disembarking the transit bus
• Ascertain that all passengers are properly seated and belted in and are aware of safety procedures
• Provide passengers with information on what to do during emergency situations such as accidents
• Chart shortest and safest routes to destinations using conventional maps and the GPS
• Driver transit bus on assigned / mapped routes by keeping within speed limits and driving laws
• Assist passengers in loading and unloading their luggage, especially those with special needs
• Perform preventative and regular maintenance on transit vehicles and ensure that any repairs are handled immediately
• Check tires for the right pressure and ensure that all engine fluids are on par
• Assure that fares are deposited and change is tendered accurately
• Create and submit driving logs concerning passengers and incidents at the end of each day

Bus Conductor | TOTAL TRANSIT, Newark, DE (1/2004 to 5/2009)

• Welcomed passengers as they embarked on the bus and assisted them in finding their seats
• Assisted in loading and unloading luggage, paying special attention to people with special needs
• Ascertained that all passengers are properly seated and that their seat belts are in order
• Collected fares, tendered change and stamped student cards
• Assisted in handling onboard emergencies such as sudden sicknesses and accidents
• Answered passengers’ questions regarding bus routes and schedules

High School Diploma