Job Offer Letter for Front Office Manager

Updated on: August 14, 2018

Once the interview is done with, and the right candidate is chosen for a particular post, the next thing for an employer to do is to issue a job offer letter. This specific type of letter includes information about the kind of job in question along with other pertinent information that a prospective employee will need to decide if he or she should say yes.

Let us have a look at an example of a job offer letter for a front office manager.


Front Office Manager Job Offer Letter Sample


55 E Broadway Road
Mesa, AZ 83937

August 14, 2018


Dear Patrick Craig:

We are pleased to offer you the position of a Front Office Manager at Bentley Group. We are confident that your knowledge, skills, and experience in this regard will prove to be valuable assets to our company.

This position will be at a salary of $71000 / year and reports to the manager. Your working hours will be the standard nine to five (9 am to 5 pm) on weekdays. We would like to inform you that this is a permanent position the benefits of which are stated below:

Vacation: 3 weeks paid holidays per annum
Provisional period: 3 months

✓ Healthcare
✓ Dental care
✓ Group insurance
✓ 401 K

You will be performing all tasks that are a Front Office Manager’s standard job description including maintaining a first point of contact with customers and managing the overall operations of the office. A detailed job description is enclosed with this offer letter.

We would like you to start immediately as we discussed in the interview. You will need to report to Ms. Amy Hurst in the HR department by Monday at the very latest. If you feel that this date is inconvenient, please contact me immediately.

We look forward to working with you.




Jonathan Don
HR Administrator
Bentley Group